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Bring Any Event to Life with an Inflatable Character Replica!

Bring Any Event to Life with an Inflatable Character Replica!

Feel SUPER with an Inflatable Character Replica 

Inflatables are great for a variety of events. You can use your character replica at Comic-Con, Wonder-Con, Gen-Con, and so much more. Character replicas are great for these types of events.Inflatables are a fun way to show off everyone’s favorite movie, TV, or game character. In the past, we have done character replicas of some fan favorites. From Adventure Time to Rick and Morty, you will grab everyone’s attention. Convert onlookers into die hard fans by drawing them in with your very own inflatable character replica.  

indoor custom shapesBring the Fun to Your Next Convention with IDG

Customize your inflatable to match your special event! Here at Inflatable Design Group, we aren’t satisfied with a product until our clients are. That is why we work closely with you from design to inflation. This is to ensure you are receiving a quality product and excellent customer service. Inflatable character replicas are THE new way to advertise. No one can ignore a massive creation of well known characters. In fact, people will line up for the opportunity to take photos with your inflatable. These insta-worthy inflatables are just another great way to get your name out there and to increase your fan base.

character replica


Keep Comic-Con Cool with Character Replicas 

In addition to the photo opportunities and unique advertising benefits, inflatables are easy to maintain and set up. No matter where you are, your inflatable can come along with you! So go above and beyond and make your booth at the next Comic-Con EPIC. Check out our website and see exactly what Inflatable Design Group is capable of! We want to help you create the inflatable of your dreams. Want to learn more about how to get your very own character replica? Send us an email to We can’t wait to get started on your inflatable journey!