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custom museum inflatables

Bring in the Crowds with Custom Museum Inflatables

Custom museum inflatables are a great way to attract crowds of all ages.  They can be used as art in your newest exhibit, to dress up your museum, and more!  To see some examples of our custom museum inflatables, check out our past work of bringing art inflatables to life

Custom Museum Inflatables as Exhibits

Custom inflatables are the perfect art medium for bringing your art sculpture or art exhibit to life.  Our team can bring virtually any vision to life in the form of a custom inflatable, no matter the complexity!  This brings a whole other level of creativity to your art. 

Another great benefit of using inflatables as your art medium to bring your art to life is that inflatables are easy to transport!  They pack up into surprisingly small packages and, when compared to other art mediums, they are lighter making them cheaper and easier to take on the road to wherever your art show takes you!  Plus, since Inflatable Design Group uses the highest-quality materials available, you won’t have to worry about your inflatable being damaged during transit.

Air as Art

Another creative way you can use custom museum inflatables as your art exhibit is by playing around with air during inflation and deflation as part of your art show.

Lewis deSoto custom inflatable mummy sculpture
Lewis deSoto’s Inflatable Paranirvana (Self-Portrait) Sculpture

For example,  the artist Lewis DeSoto created a custom inflatable sculpture titled Paranirvana (Self-Portrait) and utilized art to add to the piece’s symbolism.  The custom museum inflatable was 26 feet long and, according to deSoto, symbolized “being released from the cycle of death and rebirth”.  This was done with the inflatable sculpture’s blower during timed inflations and deflations.  You can read more about deSoto’s piece and how he utilized air to add another level to his art sculpture in the article “Art That Breathes: Lewis’ deSoto’s Paranirvana (self-portrait)” by Anya Montiel.

Dress Up Your Museum

Another great use of custom museum inflatables is to use them to dress up the inside or outside of your museum!  Whether it is for a specific holiday or to attract people to your newest art exhibit, custom inflatables are a great way to make your museum stand out and attract attention to your museum!

custom museum inflatables outside to promote holidays and exhibits
Giant Inflatable Spider and Inflatable Wizard of Oz Witch Legs at Museums

Inflatable Design Group has worked with museums from all around the country to create custom inflatables that have been used outside museums.  These have included giant spiders at the Liberty Science Center during Halloween, giant witch feet at Miami’s Children’s Museum to promote their Wizard of Oz exhibit, and more! 

The creativity that comes with custom museum inflatables is endless!  Inflatable Design Group’s team can bring virtually any vision to life in the form of a custom inflatable and your museum can then use the inflatables in different ways to attract people to your museum! 

Bring Kid’s Stories to Life with Custom Museum Inflatables

Another great way to use custom museum inflatables and dress up your museum is by working with Inflatable Design Group to create custom inflatables that bring kid’s stories to life. Just like with the above example of the witch’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz, our team has worked with various museums around the country to bring to life some of the kid’s favorite childhood stories such as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, The Pigeon book series by Mo Willems, and more!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and The Pigeon Series by Mo Willems Inflatables for Museums
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and The Pigeon Series by Mo Willems Inflatables for Museums

These custom museum inflatables were a great way for the museums to attract visitors to their museum and let people know what exhibits were open inside!

Work with Us Today!

At Inflatable Design Group we are known for our ability to bring virtually any custom inflatable concept to life!  Our team has over 30 years of experience in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry and will collaborate with you to ensure that your custom museum inflatables not only meet your expectations but exceeds them.

Our team uses the highest quality materials available in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry for all of our inflatables.  This means that your inflatables will last for many years and can put up with even the strongest wear and tear.  To find out more about our provided warranty, check out our website. 

Ready to get started?  Email us at with your ideas and information.  One of our sales representatives will get back to you with a free quote and help you mock up some concept drawings! 

To learn more about the process of turning a concept into a custom inflatable creation check out our blog detailing how we took a clay figurine and turned it into a giant inflatable concert stage prop for musical artist Rob Zombie