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Bring the Fun With Inflatable Obstacle Courses and Slides 8

Bring the Fun With Inflatable Obstacle Courses and Slides

Inflatable obstacle courses and slides are a hit at any event and fun for all ages! Get one for your next event and be the life of the party! With obstacles to climb over, under, through, and fun slides to go down, IDG can provide your event with hours of entertainment. The Inflatable Design Group team can customize your obstacle course to be as complex or simple as you like. In addition, there are many options to choose from. Past customers have requested obstacle courses with slides in the middle, attached, or separate. Head-to-head inflatable obstacle courses and obstacle course/bounce combinations have been ordered. The sky’s the limit with IDG’s custom inflatable obstacle courses and slides! So, contact us today for a free estimate!

Custom Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Custom inflatable obstacle courses are great fun for all ages! I remember my favorite events in elementary school were ones with inflatable obstacle courses! Fast forward to senior year of high school, one of my favorite graduation parties was one that had an inflatable obstacle course and a bounce house! It really doesn’t get old. So, make your event a blast for any age of event-goers! The Inflatable Design Group team doesn’t just give you the opportunity to get an obstacle course. IDG can customize the inflatable in any way you can imagine!

Ocean Custom Inflatable Obstacle Course Inside

For example, the IDG team has created an inflatable for the New York Jets in their team colors with logos all over. But it didn’t stop there. IDG created a giant inflatable jet to add on top of the obstacle course. This (pictured below) made the obstacle course really draw attention and became a hit at the event! As seen on our obstacle course page, your dreams can become a reality with our talented artists. For example, not only colors and logos can be customized, but the entire shape of the obstacle course itself is up to your imagination. Therefore, our custom inflatables can be as creative as you are. Give us a call or shoot us an email to get your inflatable obstacle course journey started!

New York Jets Inflatable Obstacle Course

Custom Inflatable Slides

Don’t have enough room for a whole obstacle course? Want a simple way to please your event-goers? Look no further than a custom inflatable slide from IDG! From small slides to large, multi-person slides, our Inflatable Design team can provide. In addition, like the obstacle courses, you can customize your slide however you like! If you take a look at our Custom Inflatable Slides page, you’ll see fire trucks, sharks, and other creative shapes to make your slide the talk of the town! For example, IDG created an inflatable slide in the shape of a pirate ship (pictured below) for a Hampton University event. Their mascot is a pirate or lady pirate, so what better way to exemplify the school spirit than creating a pirate ship? The custom inflatable slide was a huge success.

summer time interactive inflatables
Custom Inflatable Pirate Ship Slide

In addition to dry inflatable slides, IDG can provide water slides as well! A water slide from IDG is the perfect solution to the summer heat. Your event-goers will flock to the oasis of fun and refreshment and keep going up and down! You have the power to make the slide your own, full customizability. Single slides, double slides, themed slides, slide – obstacle course combinations; the sky’s the limit! Also, you can trust IDG to create high-quality inflatables that will keep your event-goers safe and having fun throughout their time. With the reputation and many satisfied customers, IDG is a no-brainer! This is an opportunity for your event to go from great to even better! So why wait, contact IDG now for a free estimate!

Custom Inflatable Water Slide

Custom Inflatable Bounces

Not only can IDG supply your inflatable obstacle course or slide needs, but our talented team can create your very own customized inflatable bounce house! Our inflatable bounce houses are known for their durable quality, vibrant colors, and customizability! The strong material that is used in all our inflatable products will keep your guests safe and having fun. IDG has a very strong reputation with little to no complaints from our numerous customers in the past 20+ years. If you check out the inflatable bounces page on our website, you’ll see examples of the bright colors that are available! Any color and any shape is possible with our talented artists here at IDG. We have made bounces in the shape of castles, lions, and even a pumpkin (pictured below)! The sky is the limit with inflatable bounces, so contact IDG to get started today!

Custom Inflatable Pumpkin Bounce

Custom Inflatable Combinations

Can’t decide between an inflatable obstacle course, slide, or bounce? Don’t stress! IDG can combine them so you don’t have to choose. The Inflatable Design Group team has created obstacle bounce or slide or all three combinations for many satisfied customers. Looking at the inflatable obstacle course page, you’ll see some prime examples of combinations. One of the main benefits of these combination courses is that the fun experience is extended longer for the participants. Such activity will keep the interest of the kids or even adults for the whole event. You have the power to customize what specific obstacles you want as well as their order in the course. Use your imagination, IDG can make it happen!

YMCA Custom Inflatable Obstacle Slide

Go Head-to-Head with an Inflatable Challenge Course

Nothing gets people excited about an event like some healthy competition. Man against man, husband against wife, father against son, etc. For many, the opportunity to go head-to-head is difficult to resist. So, give your event-goers that chance with a custom inflatable challenge course!

The IDG team can create a challenge course in any fashion you prefer. Want people to start on the same side with a tunnel-like obstacle? Want the slide to be the beginning? You got it! You’re in control of the course, we are merely the means to make it happen! Therefore, feel free to customize the inflatable’s colors, size, and features. In the past, Inflatable Design Group has created these “team challenge” inflatable obstacle courses for sports teams, theater organizations and other groups. Each time, the course turned out to be a hit. The collaborative nature of this inflatable course brings people together in a very unique way! So, don’t wait! Contact us today to get started!

Custom Inflatable Challenge Course

Advertising with Inflatable Obstacle Courses and Slides

Inflatable obstacle courses don’t just provide an opportunity for fun and entertainment, they are perfect advertising opportunities. Think about it; you are at an event with the tallest, most eye catching activity in the area. Your sponsor knows that many people will be coming through this event and undoubtedly participating in your obstacle course. IDG can make sure your sponsor’s logo is as prominent as need be on that inflatable! Therefore, this inflatable obstacle course is an attractive investment for you. For example, an organization called Fishing League Worldwide utilized IDG’s custom inflatable obstacle course as an opportunity to advertise for Snickers! This course (pictured below) includes larger-than-life Snickers bars and the Snickers logo on multiple surfaces. So, take advantage of this opportunity and invest in an obstacle course from Inflatable Design Group!

FLW Fishing Snickers