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Inflatable Charity Archways Help Spread Awareness to Everyone 2

Inflatable Charity Archways Help Spread Awareness to Everyone

Inflate Yourself For a Good Cause

Do you have a cause that you care about? What better way to draw attention to your charity or nonprofit organization than with exciting inflatable charity archways from IDG! Inflatables are a great way to pull in and educate community members. From the American Cancer Society to the American Liver Foundation, we have helped other charities raise awareness through fun inflatables! Inflatable Design Group will provide you with incredible inflatables to increase your visibility and make your next event a success! 

inflatable charity archwaysGrab Everyone’s Attention with Inflatable Charity Archways 

See our inflatables in action! Check out the inflatable below that we did for Project4One. They are a nonprofit organization that is on a mission to put a stop to sex slavery. Not only are they advocates for victims but they also put on some awesome events like talks and color runs to spread awareness. Take a page from Project4One’s book and try out our own fun run or color run as a creative fundraising idea. This is a great place to utilize your larger than life inflatable archway. It’s a great start/finish line and can even be used to help raise money! Advertise your biggest donors and supporters with ample space to get their company or business’s name out there. IDG can create banners or velcro signage to hang up for sponsorship space on your inflatable charity archways.  

inflatable charity archways


Make Your Nonprofit Event a Hit with IDG

Make your charity a household name with a one of a kind inflatable creation. Want more info? Check out our website HERE or send us an email to and let us make your inflatable dreams come true.