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comic con inflatables get you noticed

Comic-Con Inflatables Get You Noticed

After a two-year hiatus, San Diego Comic-Con International is returning to downtown San Diego this July!  Be sure to stand out at this year’s convention with custom Comic-Con inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!

Stand Out and Attract People at Your Comic-Con Booth

Comic-Con is one of the top marketing events of the year for the entertainment and comics industry.  With over 130 thousand individuals attending and over 75 exhibitors, brands must get creative with the way they stand out from all the booths around them. 

Tower over the crowd and attract people to your booth with Comic-Con inflatables.  Work with IDG to create an attention-grabbing inflatable in any shape, size, and color you want!  Display your inflatable above your booth, by your booth, or even outside the event to let people know your booth is worth checking out. 

Comic-Con Inflatables BeKyoot Momocheet and Hasbro replicas
Comic-Con Inflatables: BeKyoot (left) and Hasbro (right)

Not only do Comic-Con inflatables help attract people to your booth but they also provide a great photo opportunity!  People are sure to stop and take pictures with your custom inflatables and post them on social media, increasing your brand awareness to people who aren’t even at Comic-Con! 

Connect with Your Fans with Comic-Con Inflatables

People love seeing giant replicas from their favorite tv shows or comics.  Bring your tv show or comic to life with Comic-Con inflatables!

When you bring your tv show or comic off the screen and into reality it allows fans to interact with their favorite characters in a unique way.  This helps them build a personal connection with their favorite character and shows.  

An example of this is the giant inflatable replica IDG made of the iconic Snoopy’s house from the Peanuts comics and movies.  This giant inflatable structure was used at Comic-Con a few years ago to help promote the premiere of The Peanuts Movie. 

snoopy's house inflatable replica at comic con for the peanuts movie premiere
Snoopy’s House Inflatable Replica at Comic-Con for The Peanuts Movie

Fans of the Peanuts lined up to enter the giant inflatable structure that was set up outside of Comic-Con in downtown San Diego.  Inside, fans were immersed in Snoopy’s world.  This inflatable activation attracted lots of attention at Comic-Con and helped build excitement for The Peanuts Movie premiere which took place a few months later.

Why Inflatable Design Group?

Inflatable Design Group has been in the inflatable manufacturing industry for over 25 years.  Our craftspeople are the best in the industry and many of them have over 30 years of experience manufacturing inflatables.  This means that throughout the entire manufacturing process your inflatable will be in good hands. 

IDG has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.  We have even created custom Comic-Con inflatables for brands such as Cartoon Network, Hasbro, Adult Swim, and more.  These custom inflatables range from small, sealed units used at event booths to large character replicas overlooking the city. 

Cartoon network regular show character replicas
Cartoon Network Regular Show Inflatable Character Replicas in San Diego

Order Your Comic-Con Inflatables Today!

San Diego Comic-Con International is being held in Downtown San Diego from July 21st to July 24th, 2022.  All though it is hard to believe this is only a few months away!

To perfect your Comic-Con inflatables, Inflatable Design Group needs time.  Our lead time for custom inflatable manufacturing is anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks.  Contact our team today at to get started on your custom inflatables and ensure that you have them in time for Comic-Con 2022!