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Custom Branded Interactive Inflatables Company Tailgate

Host a Company Tailgate with Branded Interactive Inflatables

The weather is getting warmer and soon you will be hosting more outdoor events including company-sponsored tailgates.  Make your brand known with custom branded interactive inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!

Branded interactive inflatables are a great way to build brand awareness and add some fun to your tailgates or other events.  They are very easy to set up and, with proper care and cleaning, your branded interactive inflatables can be used for up to 10 years!  Check out our Youtube channel for step-by-step videos on how to set up, take down, and clean your custom inflatables.

Bring the Classics with Branded Interactive Inflatable Games

Tailgates and cornhole go hand in hand.  Elevate your next company tailgate with a giant (13’ x 6’6” x 3’) inflatable cornhole set customized to show off your brand.  IDG’s inflatable cornhole sets come are 100% customizable and they come with customizable toss bags.  They are sealed units making them portable and easy to take to your next tailgate or other company events.

Custom Branded Giant Inflatable Corn Hole
Count on Me Foundation Custom Branded Giant Inflatable Corn Hole

Add even more fun with IDG’s other classic games including a giant version of everyone’s favorite tic-tac-toe and even an inflatable skeeball.  Both are inflatable versions of the classic games that everybody loves and are a great addition to any company event.  Customize both interactive inflatables with your company logo, slogan, event sponsors, and more!  We can match any company colors and digitally print any design directly onto your custom branded interactive inflatables.

Custom branded interactive inflatables
Custom Inflatable Tic-Tac-Toe (top) and Inflatable Double Laned Skeeball (bottom)

Check out more examples of IDG’s inflatable games on our website.  All are 100% customizable, fun for all ages, and a great way to build brand awareness.  Have your own idea for an inflatable game?  Our team of skilled craftsmen can turn virtually any design into a custom inflatable!  Talk to your sales representative about turning your vision into a reality.

Bounce Houses, Slides, and More!

In addition to customizable inflatable games, IDG has standard inflatable bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, and more that are 100% customizable and a great addition to your next company tailgate or other events!

Yasso Custom Inflatable Obstacle Course
Yasso Custom Inflatable Obstacle Course

Each of these branded interactive inflatables comes in different sizes and styles, or you can create a totally custom-shaped interactive inflatable. They can be matched to any company’s colors and designed to show off your brand, building brand awareness.  Use your custom branded interactive inflatables at your tailgate, community event, industry tradeshow, state fair, or other events your company attends to bring attention to your brand! 

See a full list of IDG’s branded interactive inflatables on our website.  As mentioned before, all are customizable and can be matched to any company color and branded with any company’s logo.

Provide Some Shade with a Branded Vendor Tent

Provide some shade at your next company tailgate with a high-quality branded vendor tent.  IDG’s vendor tents come in three different sizes: 10’x10’, 10’x15’, and 20’x20’.  All vendor tent canopies are fully digitally printed on 600 denier high-quality fabric that is UV protected and flame and water retardant. 

Polish off your company tailgate booth by adding fully digitally printed back walls, sidewalls, and table clothes to your vendor tent package.  All are printed on high-quality materials so that your booth will always look professional. 

Pepsi Cola Custom Vendor Tent Package
Pepsi Cola Custom Vendor Tent Package

Vendor tents and full vendor tent packages are a great way to polish off your company booth at your next tailgate or other company events.  They are extremely portable and easy to set up, making them perfect for the next industry tradeshow, fair, or other community events your company may attend. 

See more examples of our vendor tents and learn more about what other promotional products we offer on our website.

Order Your Branded Interactive Inflatables and Vendor Tents Today!

Have the best tailgate with custom branded interactive inflatables designed and manufactured by IDG.  We have an extensive library to choose from and all are 100% customizable to show off your company!  Our team of skilled craftsmen has been in the industry for over 30 years.  With proper care and cleaning your custom interactive inflatables can last up to 10 years.

Ready to get started on your branded interactive inflatables?  Contact our team at!