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Make Summer More Fun with Inflatable Misting Tents 1

Cool Off With an Inflatable Misting Station

This summer, your event-goers need an escape from the heat. Look no further than an IDG inflatable misting station! The misting station will be a magnet for anyone looking to cool off. So, IDG gives you the opportunity to advertise on the misting station itself! In addition, you can be sure your misting station will stay functional and sturdy throughout the event. With satisfied customers like Southwest and the Houston Texans, you can trust us to provide quality inflatable products. Contact us today to escape that summer sun with an inflatable misting station!

Inflatable Misting Stations as Promotional Products

With IDG, you have the ability to customize your inflatable misting station. As you can see here, many have seized this opportunity to advertise on their misting stations! Whether it’s a half marathon or a sporting event, people will be spending time at your misting station. So, make sure they know who’s providing the refreshing getaway from the heat! Your company name, slogan, product, sponsors or anything you want to promote can be on the misting station. Also, these stations are popular photo opportunities! So make sure your logo is in each picture taken and there’s some free advertising!

Inflatable Misting Station
Coca-Cola Zero Misting Station

Swisher’s Marketing Campaign with Inflatable Misting Stations

Take a look at Swisher. A few years back, they launched a national marketing campaign to support its e-cigarette and e-cigar product lines. Part of the campaign was a “Vapor Tour” that included a booth, inflatable misting station, and something like a food truck, but for trying the new e-cigs. The truck stopped in high traffic areas and was displaying and offering products to those who walked up. The 2013 tour occurred from the summer months of July to September, hitting 15 cities from the midwest to the south. That summer was a hot one. It’s always hot in those areas throughout those months, but according to a national climate report, it was hotter than the 20th-century average.

One of the main parts of Swisher’s tour was an inflatable misting station from IDG! As they went from city to city, people in the area were drawn to the refreshing mist to escape the muggy heat. Once there, under the misting station, people are even more likely to give Swisher’s truck a tour. The misting station served multiple purposes; it was a promotional product as it had the e-cigarette line advertised on it. Also, it was a way to keep existing customers there for longer.

All in all, the misting station was an integral part of Swisher’s marketing campaign (the Vapor Tour). Especially for a summer road tour, a misting station is an important factor. The inflatable can be deflated and re-inflated, making it portable and very convenient. The refreshing mist is hard to resist. The customization makes the inflatable misting station look just the way you want. A misting station is a no-brainer for your next event! Let us know how we can design your vision!

Swisher Vapor Tour Inflatable Misting Station

Inflatable Misting Station Dimensions

Inflatable Misting stations can be customized to fit in small spaces at 10ft x 10ft size as well as larger sizes such as 10ft x 20ft. Also, like the House Misting Stations, the stations can be made to your specifications or details. The smaller, 10ft x 10ft misting stations are best for smaller areas, like next to a promotional booth or at an event. For example, the Durham Bulls minor league baseball team utilized a 10ft x 10ft inflatable misting station at an event and called it a “Cooling Tent”.

Durham Bulls Misting Station

As shown in the pictures, many people were drawn to the misting station and were refreshed to escape the heat. Larger misting stations are utilized in events such as 5K’s or other events with many people in need of relief from the heat. Parks and recreation centers have utilized larger inflatable misting stations. Both of these examples are referencing the rectangular, tubular misting stations. However, not all misting stations have to look like this. Here at IDG, we specialize in custom inflatable products. For example, the Columbia Fire Flies minor league baseball team had their inflatable misting station look like a house, complete with triangle roof and rectangular doorway. Inflatable Design Group’s team can fit your specifications and details, so the sky’s the limit on these misting stations!

Columbia Fire Flies House Misting Station

The Refreshing Use of Inflatable Misting Stations

Our misting stations have been utilized in many settings; including college campuses, car dealerships, airshows, concerts, running events and others. One specific example is the “Beat the Heat” mile, 5K, 10K, Half and Full marathon event. As referenced by the name, the event takes place in the heat of Springtime in Colorado. The relief from running anywhere from 1 up to 26.2 miles in those conditions can be found in the inflatable misting stations.

As a runner myself, I would like to make a personal comment about the benefit of these misting stations. Years ago, I was running a 3-mile cross country race in high-90 degree southern California weather. We didn’t have a nice inflatable misting station (I wish we did), but what we did have was volunteers on the side of the track with spray bottles full of cold water. They would mist each runner as he or she ran by. I honestly may not have finished the race if those wonderful people weren’t there to cool down my overheating body. I finished the race with a time to be proud of and that memory has stuck with me ever since.

That was only 3 miles, so imagine what those who are running almost 10 times that distance must feel during the race! I can attest to the refreshing feeling of cool mist as one is running a race, so if you are planning a 5K or other running event, definitely consider ordering an inflatable misting station from IDG!

Marathon Runner Misting Station

Get Your Inflatable Misting Station Today!

Even if your event is not a running event this summer, you still need an IDG inflatable misting station. Here’s why: misting stations provide an opportunity to advertise (as mentioned earlier), attract people to your booth or building, and give event-goers a chance to rest and refresh. So what are you waiting for? Summer’s right around the corner! Contact us today to get started on your inflatable misting station journey.