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inflatable misting station cool off this summer

Cool off This Summer with an Inflatable Misting Station

A custom inflatable misting station designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group is the perfect addition to any outdoor event.

Whether your company is hosting a big summer event, or your brand has a booth at an event, an inflatable misting station is a great way to help guests cool off and bring awareness to your brand. 

Use Your Inflatable Misting Station All Summer Long!

As mentioned before, you can use your inflatable misting station at any outdoor event!  Whether that is a state fair, music festival, sports game, or another event, misting stations are a fun way for guests to escape the summer heat. 

Company branded custom inflatable misting station at outdoor summer event
Custom Branded Inflatable Misting Station at Outdoor Event

Plus, on hot summer days, your misting station will attract people to visit your booth, building awareness of your brand and giving you a unique opportunity to let people know more about your brand.  

100% Customizable

Like all IDG’s inflatables, our inflatable misting stations are 100% customizable!  We offer two sizes to choose from, 10 feet x 10 feet and 10 feet x 12 feet.  Both sizes offer an ample amount of space for custom signage, allowing you to get creative and bring attention to your brand or event sponsors.

In addition to offering our inflatable misting stations in two sizes, we also have various styles of misting stations to choose from as you can see in the photo below. 

tubular misting station and house shaped misting station custom inflatables
Different Misting Station Styles

IDG can match any colors and digitally print any company logo or design directly onto your custom inflatable.  This is a great way to show off your brand or company.  You can even use the space to thank your event sponsors and use the advertising space as leverage in your sponsorship packages!

Want less permanent signage?  IDG can also make your inflatable misting station with removable banners.  This is a great option if you plan on using your misting station at different events or if your event sponsors change in the upcoming years.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Inflatable misting stations are perfect for your next event as they are easy to use, store, and transport! 

To use simply hook your misting station up to a water and power source and you are good to go!  We have made a detailed step-by-step video on how to set up and troubleshoot your inflatable misting station here.

custom misting tent for baseball team
Inflatable Cooling Tent for Baseball Team

When your event is over, simply discount your inflatable misting station, dry it off, and pack it up in the provided storage bag.  It is very important that your misting station is 100% dry before packing it away.  If not completely dry multiple things can occur including mildew, which is not covered by IDG’s warranty.  Learn more about the risks of packing up your custom inflatable wet and our warranty here.

Order Today

Inflatable Design Group’s lead time is currently 8 to 10 weeks.  Order your inflatable misting station today to make sure you are prepared for your next summer event!

Contact IDG at for a free quote and to get started on customizing your inflatable today!