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custom halloween inflatables

Creep It Real with Custom Halloween Inflatables

It is never too early to start thinking about Halloween.  Especially if you want to have the best pumpkin patch or Halloween event in town!  Inflatable Design Group’s custom Halloween inflatables are a great way to attract people to your event. 

Scary Clowns, Pirates, Skulls, Oh My!

Welcome people to your event with a giant custom inflatable entryway!  IDG can make your inflatable entryway look like any spooky character you want including a scary clown, a sailing pirate, and a creepy skull.

custom inflatable Halloween entryways
Custom Halloween Inflatable Entryways Pirate (left), Scary Clown (middle), and Skull (right)

These custom Halloween inflatable entryways are a great way to let people know what they are getting into right as they enter your event.  They also double as a fun photo opportunity! 

IDG has also made custom inflatable entryways shaped like giant pumpkins.  These giant inflatable pumpkin entryways are perfect for your local pumpkin patch and a great way to stand out.  Just like the other custom Halloween inflatable entryways we make, inflatable pumpkin entryways double as a fun photo opportunity for your event guests.

Inflatable pumpkin entryway at pumpkin patch
Custom Inflatbale Pumpkin Entryway at Pumpkin Patch

Have a unique idea for your Halloween inflatable entryway?  No worries!  IDG can bring any design or vision to life in the form of a custom inflatable.  Check out more examples of custom inflatable entryways on our website and let our team know what you are looking for to get a free quote!

Enter if You Dare!

One of IDG’s most popular Halloween inflatables is our custom inflatable maze called ‘The Monster’.  This giant inflatable attraction is the perfect addition to any Halloween event or fall festival. 

Inflatable Monster Haunted Maze
Custom Inflatable Monster Haunted Maze

As you can see from the picture above, the Monster is a giant inflatable attraction that looks sort of like a lizard.  Yes, it is big in size, which is sure to bring attention to your event, however that is not all it is good for.  Event goers can enter the Monster through its mouth, weave through inflatable obstacles inside its body, and exit through its tail. 

custom halloween inflatable maze
Front View of Inflatable Haunted Maze ‘The Monster,

This giant inflatable attraction is made up of multiple sections which all connect with high-quality Velcro to create a giant inflatable maze.  The Monster is also equipped with emergency exits throughout the maze in case there is any sort of emergency.

You can learn more about The Monster on our website. 

Add Some Fright to Your Night with Custom Halloween Inflatables

Get creative this Halloween and bring the creatures from your nightmares to life with custom Halloween inflatables. 

As mentioned before, IDG’s talented team can turn any vision into a custom inflatable creation!  That means that if you want to create giant 3D spiders to take over your roller coaster, we can help with that!

Giant Inflatable Spiders on Roller Coaster at six flags
Giant Inflatable Spiders on Roller Coaster at Six Flags

Check out more examples of our custom inflatable creations on our website and don’t be afraid to ask out team for a crazy, spooky creation.

Order Your Custom Halloween Inflatables Today!

Inflatable Design Group is lucky to have assembled the best craftspeople in the industry.  Our team uses only the highest-quality materials available to create all our custom inflatable creations.  Our sewing team has a keen eye for details so your inflatable is sure to be the best looking around and, with proper care and cleaning, it will last for over 5 years.  

IDG works hard to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.  That is why our current lead time is about 10 weeks.  Get started on your custom Halloween inflatables today to ensure that they are in your hand for the Halloween season.

Get started on your custom inflatable and get a free quote by emailing us at or giving us a call at 619-596-6100.