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giant custom advertising inflatables all eyes on you

Custom Advertising Inflatables: All Eyes on You

Attending a tradeshow and want to stand out?  Having a grand opening and want everyone around you to know?  Giant custom advertising inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group are a great way to make sure that all eyes are on you and your business!

With over 30 years of experience in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry, IDG’s team of talented craftsmen has perfected the art of turning virtually any design into an amazing, eye-catching custom inflatable.  Increase your presence and work with our team to create an inflatable logo block, a giant inflatable mascot, or even a larger-than-life inflatable product replica.

Inflatable Logo Blocks

Whether you are promoting your local brewery or a giant music festival, inflatable logo blocks are a great way to get more eyes on your brand. 

Custom advertising inflatables, ford logo block on trailer
Ford Logo Block on Top of Trailer

From simple digitally printed inflatable logos to inflatable logos with 3D shapes, IDG has and can do it all.  Inflatable logo blocks are one of our most popular custom advertising inflatables because they provide a big message but take up minimal space!  Use your inflatable logo block in the courtyard of your brewery, outside your business, or on top of your building for passersby to see! 

So, get your brand noticed and order your inflatable logo block today!

Inflatable Mascots

IDG has worked with giant corporations in the entertainment industry, sports teams of all levels, and even local family-owned businesses to bring their mascot and characters to life.

Custom Inflatable Mascot Replica for Grand Opening of Store
Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Custom Inflatable Mascot Replica for Grand Opening

Larger-than-life inflatable mascot replicas are a great way to attract the attention of everyone around you.  Use your custom inflatable mascot to promote the premiere of your new movie or tv show, stand out at events, or give eventgoers a fun photo opportunity!  Inflatable mascots are an affordable visual marketing tool that is guaranteed to draw in crowds and bring attention to your brand! 

From 5 feet to 50 feet, IDG can turn any mascot or character into a highly accurate and extremely detailed custom advertising inflatable. 

Inflatable Product Replicas

Inflatable product replicas are another one of IDG’s most popular custom advertising inflatables. 

As with our other inflatables, IDG’s innovative team can perfectly replicate any product and turn it into a giant, eye-catching custom inflatable.  Use your custom inflatable in front of your store, on top of your business, at your next event, and more to attract attention and draw in crowds. 

Custom advertising inflatables for car care company
Mothers Car Care Custom Inflatable Product Replicas at Trade Show

Check out some examples of our inflatable product replicas, inflatable logos, and inflatable mascots here.

Other Custom Advertising Inflatables

In addition to inflatable replicas, IDG’s team designs and manufactures other custom inflatables that can be utilized for advertising.  These inflatables include:

All IDG’s inflatables are 100% customizable.  Therefore, any can be used to advertise your brand.  Our team can match your company colors and digitally print any design, including your company logo, directly onto your custom advertising inflatables.

inflatable arch and slide for tide company
Custom Advertising Inflatables for Tide

Custom advertising inflatables are guaranteed to catch the eye of eventgoers and passersby.  Learn more about the different types of custom inflatables IDG manufactures here.

Order Your Custom Advertising Inflatables Today!

All custom inflatables designed and manufactured by IDG are made with the highest-quality materials in the industry.  With proper care and cleaning your custom advertising inflatable can last up to 10 years. 

When compared to tv commercials, billboards, and other types of traditional advertising, custom inflatables are proven to cost about 90% less and provide 10x the visibility.  Plus, custom inflatables can be used again and again, are easy to use and transport, and take up minimal storage space. 

Ready to order your custom advertising inflatables?  Contact our team at!

Have questions about custom inflatables?  Check out our FAQ page.