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custom advertising inflatables inflate your marketing strategy

Custom Advertising Inflatables: Inflate Your Marketing Strategy in the New Year

It’s hard to believe but the new year is right around the corner.  If you are looking for a way to elevate your company’s marketing strategy in the new year, consider custom advertising inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.  IDG has an extensive library of various advertising inflatables, all are 100% customizable.  Plus, custom advertising inflatables can be displayed anywhere and provide a great return on investment!

Inflatable Mascots, Logos, & Product Replicas

IDG’s most common advertising inflatables are our inflatable replicas of company mascots, logos, and products. 

These advertising inflatables are popular because they can pack up small, making them easy to store, and attract consumers’ attention from far away.  IDG can make your inflatable replica in virtually any size and shape you want!  That means that whether you want an 8-foot-tall inflatable replica of your logo to display on the roof of your business or a 30-foot-tall inflatable replica of a grilled cheese to display outside your business, we can do it!

product replica and logo custom advertising inflatables
Custom Inflatable Grilled Cheese Replica and Logo Block

Inflatable mascot, logo, and product replicas are a great addition to your marketing strategy in the new year.  They can be displayed anywhere to attract attention to your business, and they pack up into relatively small packages, making them easy to store when not in use and transport to events such as industry tradeshows!  With proper care and cleaning, your custom advertising inflatables can last up to 10 years!  Check out our YouTube channel for tips and tricks on cleaning your custom inflatable.   

Interactive Inflatables

Custom interactive inflatables are also a great addition to your marketing strategy.  IDG has an extensive library of interactive inflatables that, like all our inflatables, are 100% customizable.  From inflatable tic-tac-toe to a giant inflatable couch, interactive inflatables are a great way to get eyes on your business and increase brand awareness.

Bubly Branded Inflatable Corn Hole and Giant Inflatable Branded Couch
Bubly Branded Inflatable Corn Hole and Giant Inflatable Branded Couch

Interactive inflatables are a great way to build a lasting impression on your consumers.  Use your custom-branded interactive inflatables at community events or local festivals to attract people to your company booth where you can tell them more about your brand.  Or use them at your place of business to entertain customers.  You can even give coupons or discounts to winners! 

There are so many ideas on how to use branded interactive inflatables to advertise your company and increase brand awareness.  Check out examples of IDG’s custom interactive inflatables on our website.

Stand Out at Trade Shows with Custom Advertising Inflatables!

As we mentioned before, you can display your custom advertising inflatables anywhere to get more eyes on your brand and products.  Since inflatable replicas are small and easy to transport, many companies choose to display their custom inflatables at their business and then take them on the road and display them at their booths at tradeshows to stand out from all the other company booths.  You can even utilize custom branded interactive inflatables at your tradeshow booth to provide eventgoers with a little fun, friendly competition, and a sure way to remember your company!

Mothers Car Care Custom Inflatable Product Replica at SEMA Tradeshow Booth
Mothers Car Care Custom Inflatable Product Replica at SEMA Tradeshow Booth

No matter what size you choose for your inflatable logo, inflatable product replica, or inflatable mascot, displaying it by your tradeshow booth is a great way to attract attention to your company and encourage people to come to learn more about what you have to offer.  Read our blog on other custom tradeshow inflatables to learn more about how you can make your brand stand out from hundreds of other exhibitors at your next industry tradeshow.

Custom Advertising Inflatables Provide a Great Return on Investment

On average, billboard advertisements can cost up to $14,000 dollars a month!  Television ads, newspaper ads, and radio ads can cost almost double that and are slowly becoming outdated and have a short run time.  Compared to these traditional forms of advertising, custom advertising inflatables cost about 90% less!  Not only are custom inflatables cheaper than traditional forms of advertising, but they also give your brand, company, or product about 10 times the visibility!  Plus, the same inflatable can be used for years in various locations to build brand awareness.

Inflatable Cocktail Can Replica at Company Event Booth
Inflatable Cocktail Can Replica at Company Event Booth

When it comes to elevating your marketing strategy in the new year, be sure to include custom advertising inflatables into your strategy and budget.  IDG’s talented team looks forward to working with you, inflating your brand, and helping you design the perfect custom inflatable for your company.  Email us at for a free quote.