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custom advertising inflatables

Custom Advertising Inflatables With Inflatable Product Replicas

WOW Factor with Custom Advertising Inflatables

Custom advertising inflatables are your go to product this year! Make your business or product stand out from the crowd with the help of Inflatable Design Group! We have had the pleasure this past few years of working with some of the biggest companies in their respective industries to create a giant version of their product, making it as real and similar to the actual thing as we possible can. So, we strive on paying attention to every single tiny detail from start to finish.

Working with Coleman and creating giant inflatable camping equipment was a really fun project. This particular camping light came out great, and Coleman was able to achieve exactly what they wanted by displaying this to their target market. People walked by the inflatable replica and paused for a second admiring the creativity, and then kept walking. In advertising, to get an individual to ponder for even one second about your brand is a total success. So, make it memorable with custom advertising inflatables.