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custom anime and video game inflatables

Custom Anime and Video Game Inflatables

Custom anime and video game inflatables are a great way to get noticed at the next event your brand attends and provide event-goers with a fun photo opportunity. 

Inflatable Design Group has created custom anime and video game inflatables that have been used at Anime Expo, Comic-Con, E3, and more!  Custom anime and video game inflatables are perfect for any event your brand may attend as they are easy to set up and transport.  With proper care and cleaning your custom inflatable can last up to 10 years making them a great investment.

Custom Anime Inflatables at Anime Expo 2022

Anime Expo 2022 took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1st to July 4th.  The event, which was canceled the last two years, drew in over 100,000 fans and had over 400 exhibitors. 

With so many attendees and exhibitors, it is often hard to make sure your booth stands out.  IDG worked with one of the Anime Expo’s exhibitors to create a 10-foot-tall custom anime inflatable that was used as part of their booth design.

custom inflatable anime girl at anime expo
Inflatable Anime Girl at Anime Expo 2022

This custom anime inflatable stood on blocks that were 2 feet tall making the inflatable activation tower over the other event exhibitors and event attendees at a total of 12 feet tall.  Not only was it a great attention grabber, but many attendees stopped to take pictures with the custom anime inflatable.  These pictures were then posted on social media, increasing the brand and event’s social media reach.  

Custom Anime and Video Game Inflatables at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is another big event in the anime and video game industry.  This event takes place annually in San Diego and brings in over 130,000 attendees.  The over 700 exhibitors are from all over the entertainment industry including comics, games, film, and tv.

IDG has worked with many companies to help their tradeshow booths stand out at Comic-Con with custom anime and video game inflatables. 

BeKyoot custom inflatable character replica at comic-con booth
BeKyoot Custom Inflatable Character Replica at Comic-Con Booth

IDG worked with the artist-ran anime company BeKyoot to help bring their character Momocheet to life in the form of an inflatable replica.  This custom anime inflatable was 6 feet tall and had an internal blower, making it extremely easy to set up and transport.  It provided fans of the BeKyoot brand a fun photo opportunity and a way to connect with their favorite character on a more personal level. 

As mentioned before, IDG has worked with many companies across the entertainment industry to create custom inflatables for Comic-Con.  These inflatables range from inflatable character replicas displayed by brand booths to giant inflatable activations displayed on buildings in downtown San Diego. 

Custom Video Game Inflatables at E3

E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo and is a trade event for the video game industry held in Los Angeles.  It is smaller than the other two events with around 70,000 attendees and around 250 exhibitors.   

At E3 2018 IDG worked with Fortnite, a popular online multiplayer video game owned by Epic Games, to help create a fully immersive experience for event-goers.  This experience took place outside the main E3 event and brought the virtual world of Fortnite to life.  The event consisted of fun photo opportunities, game kiosks, food, and more.   

IDG worked with Fortnite to bring Fortnite’s virtual restaurants, Durr Burger and Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit, to life with custom video game inflatables.

custom inflatable replicas for fortnite E3 event
Custom Inflatable Replicas for Fortnite E3 Event

These custom video game inflatables added to the event atmosphere and were a great way to help fully emerge event-goers into the world of Fortnite.  IDG has worked with many companies to bring other virtual props and cartoon characters to life with custom inflatables. 

Learn more about the custom Fortnite inflatables on our website.

Order Your Custom Anime and Video Game Inflatables Today!

In addition to the custom anime and video game inflatables mentioned above, IDG has created custom inflatables for other events such as a Fortnite Pop-Up Restaurant that took place in Los Angeles in 2021.  These custom inflatables are a great way to connect with event-goers and attract people to your booth.   

Please note that IDG’s current lead time is around 10 weeks.  Get started on your order today to ensure that your custom inflatable is in your hands before your event.  Email our team at for a free quote.