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custom branded interactive inflatables

Custom Branded Inflatable Flat Tops

Inflatable Design Group’s custom inflatable flat tops are a great way to increase brand awareness.  They are extremely easy to use and transport.  We have even made a video with step-by-step inflation and deflation instructions that can be viewed on YouTube.

IDG has many different styles and sizes of flat tops for you to choose from.  All are 100% customizable and can be used at different events to increase brand awareness.  The back target of all our inflatable flat tops is customizable and removable.  Easily change out the back target to play different games including soccer, football, and more!

Customize Your Branded Inflatable Flat Top

As mentioned before, IDG’s inflatable flat tops are 100% customizable.  We use PMS (Pantone matching system) and can match any team, school, or company colors.  IDG can also digitally print any logo or design directly onto your custom inflatable flat top.  This is a great way to show off your brand logo or slogan.

custom branded inflatable flat tops for Dick's sporting goods
Custom Branded Inflatable Flat Tops for Dick’s Sporting Goods

Custom branded inflatable flat tops can also be made with removable banners.  This is a great way to change out various event sponsors or other signage on your inflatable flat top.  All removable banners are digitally printed on high-quality material.  Ask your sales representative about removable banners when placing your order for more information.

Different Sizes and Styles to Choose From

IDG has many different styles and sizes of inflatable flat tops for you to choose from.  All can be customized to match your company branding. 

Our small flat top is approximately 9’ x 9’ x 12’ and our large flat top is approximately 10’ x 12’ x 18’.  Both have plenty of room for signage and include a custom removable back target. 

Non Profit Inflatable Flat Top Custom
Large Flat Top (left) and Small Flat Top (right)

IDG’s flat top deluxe with cap measures at approximately 9’ x 15’ x 12’.  It includes a custom baseball cap on the top and is a great way to grab attention at outdoor events such as grand openings or community fairs. 

inflatable flat tops for sports teams
Flat Top with Face Mask (left) and Flat Top Deluxe with Cap (right)

Our largest inflatable flat top is approximately 12’ x 15’ x 18’.  This flat top is customized with a baseball cap or football helmet and facemask.  It is our largest flat top and a great way to get your brand noticed at any event your company may attend.

As mentioned before, all are customizable.

One Unit, Multiple Games, and Sports

One of the best things about IDG’s custom-branded inflatable flat tops is that you can play many different games with one inflatable unit.  By simply switching out the removable back target you can go from practicing your hockey slap shot to practicing your baseball fast pitch within minutes!

inflatable with customizable removable back targets
Custom Inflatable Flat Top for 76 with Different Back Targets

Inflatable flat top back targets are customizable.  They are very easy to switch out and are made with high-quality, extremely durable material. 

With the same custom branded inflatable flat top, you can practice your soccer kick, football toss, baseball pitch, hockey shot, and more!

Removable targets and being able to play different games give inflatable flat tops a unique level of versatility.  It makes these custom interactive inflatables perfect for corporations, small companies, and even non-profits looking for a fun way to advertise!

Build Brand Awareness with Custom Branded Inflatable Flat Tops

As mentioned before, custom-branded inflatable flat tops are extremely versatile.  They are great additions to company booths at community fairs, trade shows, and more.  They also can be used for grand openings, fundraisers, and other company promotions.  You can even use your inflatable flat top at company picnics!

Count on Me Family Foundation Inflatable Flat Top
Count on Me Family Foundation Inflatable Flat Top

IDG can match any colors.  We have a wide variety of inflatable flat top sizes and styles for you to choose from and customize.  We also have an extensive library of other inflatable interactive games that will help increase your brand awareness.  All are 100% customizable just like our inflatable flat tops. 

Custom branded inflatable flat tops are a fun and unique way to get your brand noticed.  People of all ages will have a great time showing off their skills with the removable and easy-to-change back targets.  Get started on your inflatable flat top today by emailing our team at

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