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custom branded inflatables bring visibility to event sponsors

Custom Branded Inflatables Bring Visibility to Event Sponsors

Hosting an event and want to bring visibility to your event sponsors?  Looking to add value and negotiating power to your sponsorship proposal?  Custom branded inflatables are the perfect way to do both of those things!

Add Value to Your Sponsorship Proposals

Custom branded inflatables are a great way to add value to your sponsorship proposals and provide negotiating power.  They may even help entice low-level sponsors to level up.  Brands are sure to stand out when incorporated into a custom inflatable product at your event or fundraiser, adding value to your high-level sponsorship proposals.

custom branded inflatables with sponsorship call out
Booth Sponsored by Pepsi Max and Good Year

Add value and negotiating power to your sponsorship proposal with custom branded inflatables. 

Bring Visability to Your Sponsors

Most people in the event industry know that corporate sponsors are the backbone of events.  In addition to adding value to your sponsorship proposals, custom branded inflatables are a great way to bring visibility to your sponsors and ensure that key sponsors stand out. 

pepsi sponsored custom inflatables at event
Pepsi Sponsored Inflatable Games (top) and Pepsi Booth (bottom) at Event

Custom inflatables make an impression and bring visibility and brand to sponsors.  They also help draw participants over to promotional booths, so they can learn more about the organization.

Since all of Inflatable Design Group’s inflatables are custom made, any of them can be designed to feature your event sponsors. 

Popular Types of Branded Inflatables

From giant inflatable logo blocks to digitally printed banners, Inflatable Design Group has many options that will help you call attention to your event sponsors.   

Make sure your sponsor stands out with a giant custom inflatable logo block or inflatable product replica.  Inflatable logo blocks and product replicas are a perfect way to thank your high-level key event sponsors.  They can be inflated anywhere, at any event, and are sure to stand out in a crowd. 

inflatable product replicas and inflatable logo block for advertising
Inflatable Product Replicas in the Outfield at Baseball Game (top) and Custom Branded Inflatable Logo Blocks (bottom)

Inflatable couches, interactive games, and misting stations also help bring visibility to your event sponsors.  These custom branded inflatables can be branded solely for your sponsors or co-branded with your organization as well.  IDG can match any company or team colors and digitally print logos directly onto your custom branded inflatable.  Many of these types of custom inflatables can also be made with removable banners, allowing you to change out your sponsor banners and reuse your custom branded inflatable for other events.

custom branded inflatable games, inflatable misting station, and inflatable couch
Custom Branded Inflatable Games, Misting Station, and Couch with Event Sponsors

Provide a warm welcome and let eventgoers know who your event sponsors are right as they enter with custom branded inflatable entryways.  Like inflatable couches, games, and misting stations, inflatable entryways can be branded just for your sponsors, or co-branded with your organization as well.  Custom inflatable entryways also have the option of removable banners, allowing you to switch out sponsors for various events.     

custom inflatable arches and inflatable entryways for pepsi sponspor
Branded Inflatable Arch with Event Sponsors Welcome Guests

Order Your Custom Branded Inflatables

Sponsorships are one of the most powerful marketing tools.  They benefit both the sponsor and the company organizing the event.  Bring visibility to your event sponsor and add value to your sponsorship proposals with custom branded inflatables.

Coca-Cola sponsorships are a great example of the use of branded inflatables.  Coca-Cola has sponsored many events, including university game days and music festivals.   Many of these events have utilized branded inflatables to bring visibility to their sponsors, such as Coca-Cola.  Often these custom inflatables are co-branded to call out Coca-Cola and the company, organization, or event.      

coca cola sponsored custom inflatables
Coca-Cola Branded Inflatables for Sponsored Events

  Get started on your custom branded inflatables today!  Contact us at with any questions or to get a quote.