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Custom Robin Hood Benefit Event Inflatables

Custom Event Inflatables for the Robin Hood Annual Benefit Gala

Inflatable Design Group enjoyed working with the Robin Hood Foundation in designing and manufacturing multiple custom event inflatables for their annual benefit event.  The event occurred this past Monday, May 15th, at the Javits Center in New York City.

What is the Robin Hood Foundation Annual Benefit

Robin Hood works with over 300 community partners, local government, and leaders across industries to create permanent pathways out of poverty for New Yorkers.”

Robin Hood Foundation

The Robin Hood Foundation is a New York charity that focuses on organizing a relief fund for disasters and reducing the problems caused by poverty in New York City.  Every year they host a big benefit gala and this year during the gala they celebrated the 35 years the foundation has been operating.  At this year’s event, Robin Hood raised a whopping $61.4 million which adds to the nearly $3 billion the foundation has raised and invested throughout its 35 years in New York City.  The event was held at the Javits Center in New York City and Nimblist put on event production.

Custom Event Inflatables In Action

As mentioned before, the annual Robin Hood Benefit Gala took place at the Javits Center in New York City.  Nimblist transformed the convention center into an amazing event space filled with bright colors and facades of the New York skyline.  Among the murals and facades were Inflatable Design Group’s custom event inflatables.

During the event, guests mingled and walked around the custom event inflatables, murals, and facades before heading to the back room for dinner.  The event also included musical performances by Grammy winners Kendrick Lamar and Brandi Carlile.

Overall, IDG’s custom event inflatables for Nimblist and the Robin Hood Annual Benefit helped decorate the event and highlight the importance of New York City to the foundation.  The event was successful as the foundation raised $61.4 million during the annual benefit.  All of this will go towards Robin Hood’s continued efforts of reducing the problems caused by poverty in New York City.

You can learn more about Robin Hood and their annual benefit gala in PR Newswire’s article “Robin Hood Tops $61.4 Million in Donations at Annual Benefit, Celebrating 35 Years of Fighting Poverty in New York City”

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