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get ready for halloween with custom inflatables

Prepare for Spooky Season with Custom Halloween Inflatables

Fall is approaching which means it is almost spooky season!  Prepare for Halloween and give people a scare with custom Halloween inflatables designed by Inflatable Design Group. 

Custom Halloween inflatables dress up any event and add an extra element of fright to any night.  IDG’s team can turn any nightmare into a show-stopping custom inflatable.

A-maze-ing Custom Halloween Inflatables

The only thing scarier than a giant creature?  A giant creature turned into a haunted maze. 

Youtube Video about our Giant Creature Inflatable Maze at Forest View Farms

A 150-foot-long inflatable creature laying on the ground is a scary sight to see.  Give guests an even bigger fright by inviting them to enter a haunted maze within the creature’s mouth.  Those who dare will walk through the creature’s mouth, weave through obstacles, and scream their way to the exit, located in the creature’s tail. 

This haunted maze inflatable has winding passageways and inflatable body parts that make it an entertaining and interactive one-of-a-kind experience.  Guests are sure to tell their friends and come back again and again.  Our innovative team has also created inflatable mazes in the shape of a dinosaur and giant.

custom halloween inflatable mazes shaped like a dinosaur, giant, and creature
Halloween Inflatable Mazes: Creature (top), Giant (middle), Dinosaur (Bottom)

Work with IDG’s team to customize your inflatable maze.  Make your maze even spookier with a fog machine or blower timer, making it look like the creature is breathing (seen in this video).

Your custom inflatable maze is sure to amaze guests and make your event will be the talk of the town.

Spooky Custom Shaped Inflatables

Stand out this spooky season with custom Halloween inflatables.  IDG’s custom inflatables dress up any event or amusement park.  From goblins to ghouls and everything in between, IDG’s inflatables are sure to give your guests a scare.

Custom Halloween inflatables help you stand out from your competition.  Many companies host a pumpkin patch during the fall.  Make sure you stand out with a giant custom Halloween inflatable entryway. 

Custom Halloween Inflatables Entryways
Custom Halloween Inflatable Entryways: Clown (top left), Pirate (top right), Skull (bottom left), and Pumpkin (bottom right)

Inflatable entryways can be made into any shape and are a great way to attract guests to your event. 

Add some fright into your night with custom shape Halloween inflatables.  Get creative and add giant inflatable spiders to your roller coaster or bring the creatures from your nightmare to life.  Either way, IDG can help you! 

custom shaped custom halloween inflatables
Custom Shaped Halloween Inflatables: Spiders on Six Flags Roller Coaster (top), Madame Leota Crystal Ball from The Haunted Mansion (bottom left), Clown Head (bottom right)

Creep It Real with Custom Halloween Inflatables

All your nightmares come true with custom Halloween inflatables designed by Inflatable Design Group.

Our innovative team can design and manufacture anything into a show-stopping custom inflatable.  All our inflatables are made with the highest quality materials in the industry, ensuring that they stand up to wear and tear and last for many years. 

From the design to your finished product, our team at IDG will walk with you through the entire process to make sure your custom inflatable exceeds your expectations. 

Don’t wait!  It is never too early to prepare for a scare.  Contact our team at to get started on your custom inflatable today!

Let us design your vision. 

Happy Haunting!

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