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custom inflatable activation marketing

Custom Inflatable Activation Marketing

Brand activation is “about the experience that enables consumers to interact with the brand”. Successful brand activations establish a level of trust between a consumer and a brand and leave consumers with an experience that they will remember and talk about.  Custom inflatable activation marketing is a great way to provide consumers with a fun experience that will get them to remember your brand.

Inflatable Design Group is fortunate to have assembled the best craftspeople in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry.  Our talented team can bring any brand’s inflatable vision to life to ensure you leave a positive and lasting impression with your consumers.  Below are some examples of inflatable activation marketing we have created for other brands to give you some ideas. 

Unique Photo Ops with Inflatable Activation Marketing

One of the simplest marketing activations is unique photo ops with custom inflatables.  People love unique photo ops and they love to share them to social media, which will increase your brand awareness. 

 Inflatable mascots and logo blocks make great photo ops.  They can be inflated next to your brand’s event booth to help your brand stand out and they double as a fun and memorable photo opportunity for consumers.

custom inflatable Max D inflatable character replica for monster jam event
Max D Inflatable Character Replica for Monster Jam Event

Or, your brand can get creative and design a completely custom inflatable photo op.  Recently, IDG worked with the team behind the brunch festival Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs to create a giant custom inflatable skillet.  The skillet was branded with the Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs logo and paired with other brunch-related props to give eventgoers a fun and super unique photo opportunity.  Everyone who took a photo received a printed copy which also had the event’s logo on it.

giant inflatable skillet photo activation for Bacon, eggs, and kegs brunch event
Giant Custom Inflatable Skillet for Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs

This inflatable marketing activation not only reminded people of how much fun they had at the event, but many of the pictures were uploaded to social media increasing brand awareness for future Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs events.  The inflatable skillet was very on-brand for the event and provided consumers with a fun activation that they are sure to remember.

Interactive Inflatable Activation Marketing

A great way to make sure your brand and activation marketing campaign are remembered is by providing an interactive experience for your consumers.  Oreo did just that a few years ago with a giant custom inflatable slide.  The slide was set up in multiple cities in the US including Atlanta and New York.  Passersby were able to pick how much ‘stuf’ they like in their Oreos and slide down a corresponding lane.  Each person that slid down counted as a vote towards that level of ‘stuf’.  This slide had 5 lanes and was over three stories tall.

Custom Inflatable 5 Lane Slide for Oreo 'What's Your Stuf?' Campaign inflatable activation marketing
Custom Inflatable 5 Lane Slide for Oreo ‘What’s Your Stuf?’ Campaign

IDG also made a similar slide for Twix candy bars.  Like the Oreo slide, people slid down a lane to vote for either left Twix or right Twix. 

Inflatable Twix Slide for Marketing Activation
Inflatable Twix Slide for Marketing Activation

Both custom inflatable activation marketing campaigns provided an interactive, unique, and fun way for consumers to build a relationship with the brands and help make sure that they remember the brands.  Check out our collection of interactive inflatables on our website, all are 100% customizable and they can be made to any shape you want!

Pop-Up Activations

A successful activation marketing campaign gets your consumers to remember your brand and talk about your brand.  An inflatable pop-up activation that surprises consumers is a great way to do that!

IDG has worked with many companies to create pop-up custom inflatable activation marketing campaigns.  Recently, we worked with Disney+ to create over 40 inflatables that were utilized in pop-up activations around the world to celebrate Disney+ day 2021. 

Disney+ Day Custom Inflatable Pop-Up Activation Marketing on Santa Monice Pier
Disney+ Day Custom Inflatable Pop-Up Activation Marketing on Santa Monice Pier

These inflatables welcomed consumers to an area that was dedicated to celebrating all things Disney+.  Consumers were welcomed into the area through giant custom inflatable arches.  This pop-up activation took place during the week leading up to Disney+ Day 2021 in cities around the world including Paris, New York City, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and more.  The activation was a great way to get consumers excited about what was being released on the streaming service for Disney+ Day and get passersby curious about what the streaming service had to offer.  Learn more about this custom inflatable activation in our Disney+ Day case study.

Another fun pop-up inflatable activation marketing campaign IDG worked on was for the premiere of Adult Swim’s cartoon Smiling Friends.  IDG created giant inflatable spheres that resembled the main setting of the show.  These inflatable spheres were then rigged with a motion censored sound machine and cutouts of the show’s main characters.  At night, a light inside the inflatable turned on and cast shadows on the cutouts, giving the illusion that the Smiling Friends main characters were inside having a conversation. 

Smiling Friends Custom Inflatable for Pop-Up Marketing Activation
Smiling Friends Custom Inflatable for Pop-Up Marketing Activation

Multiple of these custom inflatables were created and popped up in cities around the United States.  The locations of the inflatables were not announced, and consumers had a fun time trying to guess where they would pop up next. 

Pop-up custom inflatable activation marketing campaigns are a successful way to get your consumers, and passersby, talking about your brand. 

Start Designing Your Inflatable Activation Today

As you can see for the examples above, IDG has worked with many companies to help bring their custom inflatable activation marketing campaigns to life.  Our team can bring any vision to life and if you are stumped on what to do, our team can even help you brainstorm ideas! 

Email us your vision at or give us a call at 619-596-6100 to get started.