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Custom Inflatable Advertising

Custom Inflatable Advertising Vs. Traditional Advertising

Why should your business consider implementing a custom inflatable advertising strategy?  This is a question asked by many business owners and marketing managers who are exploring new ways to take their advertising to the next level.  Our next series of articles will highlight some of the most compelling reasons to consider developing a custom inflatable advertising strategy for your business.


Custom inflatable advertising products are unique in themselves.  The way they are designed can make an impact as well. The more unique the better! While some forms of traditional advertising can be forgettable, giant custom inflatables are memorable and make a lasting impression.


Custom inflatable products are extremely versatile and can be used almost everywhere.  We have created giant custom inflatables that fly high above buildings, stand on parade floats, serve as concert backdrops, welcome spectators to events, and more. 


Giant custom inflatables are extremely affordable, especially when compared to the costly price of traditional advertising such as print advertisements, radio spots, and television commercials.

Our next article will discuss more benefits that custom inflatable advertising can bring to your business.

Inflatable Design Group (IDG) is one of the nation’s leading providers of giant custom inflatables.  We partner with businesses and brands to develop custom inflatable marketing strategies designed to help reinforce brand recognition and boost sales.  Would you like to learn more about how a custom inflatable advertising strategy can work for you?  If so, give us a call today!