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Bring the Fun to Every Event with an Inflatable Animal 55

Custom Inflatable Animals from IDG

Let your love for animals show with a custom inflatable animal from Inflatable Design Group! They’re perfect for zoos, trade shows, promotions and much more! Start your next event off right with an inflatable animal from IDG. Our inflatables are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are trying to educate, entertain or simply jazz up your event, we have the perfect inflatable animal for you. Inflatables are a great way to increase visibility and make your event stand out. You can even advertise with these larger than life inflatable animals and draw in the crowds. Attendees will look in awe at your inflatable creation. Here at Inflatable Design Group, you can send us your own original design or we can help you illustrate the perfect creature for your needs. 

Realistic Inflatable Animals

Here at Inflatable Design Group, we have some amazing artists. At each level too; from the concept to the imaging software to the creation of the actual inflatable animal, the high-quality artistry remains the same. For example, as you can see with the inflatable elephant we created for ProcureCon Marketing, the inflatable is incredibly realistic! Even the details, such as accurate proportions and wrinkles are included for this custom inflatable elephant. ProcureCon wanted a realistic elephant inflatable. Therefore, Inflatable Design Group delivered! For your next event, wow your customers with a realistic custom inflatable animal!

ProcureCon Marketing Realistic Elephant Custom Inflatable

Inflatable Sharks for Shark Week!

As many of you may know already, last week was Shark Week. For those of you who may not have been aware, it’s an annual, week-long block where the Discovery Channel plays shark-focused material. It has since expanded from television but was originally devoted to educating people about sharks and conservation efforts. Last week, according to the Shark Week 2019 schedule, one of the shows follows retired Marine Rob Riggle as he “packs his bags and dives back into the water for a shark-filled adventure with some of his celebrity friends in ‘Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.'”

So, now that you’re all filled in on the ins and outs of shark week, check out some of the custom inflatable sharks Inflatable Design Group has created! What better way to capitalize on one of the biggest, longest-running trends than with a custom inflatable shark? Capture the Shark Week fanatics’ attention with a realistic inflatable shark from Inflatable Design Group!

Custom Inflatable Shark

Rep Your Team with Inflatable Animal Mascots

IDG is your go-to for custom inflatable animal mascots! From personal experience playing high school football, nothing beats the electric excitement of rushing onto the field through a tunnel, underneath my school’s mascot. The roar of the crowd, the anticipation of competition. My parents felt that same excitement, seeing my brother and I running onto the field together underneath that mascot. If you had the same experience playing sports, or have seen it from the stands, you know that excitement! However, IDG’s inflatable mascots are not limited to only high school football. Inflatable Design Group has created impressive custom inflatable animal mascots for high schools, universities, and even professional sports teams! For example, IDG has created a Bronco entryway for the Denver Broncos, a duck for the Children’s Discovery Museum, and many more!

Whatever mascot your school has, IDG can create a custom inflatable for it! You can bring that excitement to your students with a custom inflatable mascot animal like the one pictured below!

John F Kennedy High School Custom Inflatable Cougar

Educational Experiences with Custom Inflatable Animals

Inflatable Design Group has collaborated with charitable organizations to help make the world a better place. For example, IDG created products for the Elephant Thoughts organization. Elephant thoughts is a Canadian charity, founded in 2002 by a group of teachers, principals, and other professional educators. According to the website, Elephant Thoughts’ “membership and volunteers consist of 1000’s of teachers globally. This helps us leverage the expertise of hundreds of education professionals to create some of the most effective and innovative educational solutions offered in any school, anywhere”.

Elephant Thoughts Custom Inflatable Animals

To support Elephant Thoughts’ wonderful devotion to education, IDG created multiple animals. These animals ranged from 8-15 feet tall and had a tunnel-like space at the bottom of each inflatable. This is where the educational part comes in. IDG also created anatomically correct inflatable vital organs and spaces where those vitals should be. Therefore, one could take an inflatable duck intestine and place it in the correct location. These custom inflatable educational animals were utilized with elementary students following their animal anatomy lessons. Therefore, the students had the hands-on opportunity to practice their knowledge. This inflatable activity undoubtedly helped the students retain the anatomy lessons. The Inflatable Design Group was honored to work toward such a noble cause with the Elephant Thoughts organization. If you would like to learn more about Elephant Thoughts or donate, follow this link! Also, if you would like to learn more about IDG, click here!

Elephant Thoughts Custom Inflatable Whale
Elephant Thoughts Custom Inflatable Duck

Inflatable Creatures and Characters

Inflatable Design Group is known for our custom inflatable animals being accurate and high quality. In addition, IDG can create custom inflatable creatures and fictional characters as well. Therefore, the animal does not have to be real for the talented IDG team to bring it to life! When we say custom, we really mean custom! Any idea, any character or creature is possible with our artists. Custom inflatable animals extend to custom inflatable creatures and characters! For example, IDG has created a giant dragon for the Forbidden Kingdom music festival. The dragon loomed over the stage and added to the fantastic atmosphere of the festival. For San Diego’s 2019 Comic-Con, we made a custom inflatable robot chicken head and Early Cuyler character for Robot Chicken and Squidbillies. These characters made fans feel like they walked into their favorite shows! So, Contact IDG for a free estimate!

Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival Custom Inflatable Dragon

Promotion with Custom Inflatable Animals

Bring your promotion to the next level with IDG’s custom inflatable animals! With an inflatable from Inflatable Design Group, your promotion will surely catch people’s attention. For example, check out the giant spiders in the picture below! We created these giant spiders to promote Six Flags’ Fright Fest. So, when Six Flags guests were walking around, they had giant spiders crawling up the sides of roller coasters, looming over them. How creepy! The spooky custom inflatable spiders promoted Six Flags’ frightening atmosphere! The talented IDG team created an inflatable cat to promote Purina pet food, a cow for Certified Angus Beef, and many more! Contact us today to get started on your custom inflatable animal journey!

Six Flags Fright Fest Custom Inflatable Spiders