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make the impossible possible with custom inflatable art sculptures

Make the Impossible Possible with Custom Inflatable Art Sculptures

Bring your art to life with custom inflatable art sculptures!  At Inflatable Design Group we pride ourselves on our team’s keen eye for detail and ability to bring any design to life in the form of an amazing custom inflatable.  We strive to exceed expectations with every custom inflatable we make.

Custom inflatables are the perfect medium when it comes to art sculptures.  Inflatables allow you to bring anything to life, whether it is real or not, at any size!  This is a great way to challenge our view of the world around us. 

With custom inflatables and IDG’s team, anything is possible!  Our team can make anything from an inflatable elephant with zebra stripes or a larger-than-life inflatable pigeon that challenges our everyday perspective.

Mo Willems Inflatable Pigeon Art Sculpture
Giant Inflatable Pigeon for Kennedy Center Designed by Mo Willems

Make the impossible possible with custom inflatable art sculptures designed and manufactured by IDG.    

Inflatables and Air as an Art Medium

From the display location of an art sculpture to what materials the sculpture is made of, everything about a work of art has meaning. 

An example of this is the use of custom inflatables in Lewis deSoto’s art installation Paranirvana (Self Portrait).  This custom inflatable sculpture represents death and nirvana.  The use of air and inflatables as the art medium to make this piece provides lots of symbolism and adds to the meaning of the installation. 

Lewis DeSoto Paranirvana (Self-Portrait) Inflatable Sculpture

He chose to use this material because the inflatable represents the weightlessness we associate with death.

BLOW UP: inflatable contemporary art

Not only did deSoto choose to utilize inflatables because they represent weightlessness, but he also chose an inflatable art sculpture because the fan keeping the sculpture inflatable added an extra component to his installation.  In deSoto’s Paranirvana (self-portrait) the fan “symbolically provided life and death to the sculpture” and represented “the breathing cycle of Paranirvana”.   Read more about the ‘breathing art’ here.

As you can see from deSoto’s use of air in his Paranirvana (self-portrait) inflatable sculpture, air can be used to express multiple messages in a single art installation.  Using inflatables and air in your next art piece can help add to the meaning of your piece and allow for a whole new level of creativity. 

Why Inflatables for Art Sculptures

Many times, art sculptures and installations will travel around the country, or even the world, making appearances at different museums and exhibits.  When you use custom inflatables to bring your art sculptures to life, traveling is easy. 

Xian American Warriors Inflatable Sculptures by Lizabeth Rossof
Xian American Warriors Inflatable Sculptures by Lizabeth Rossof

Custom inflatables are lighter than traditional mediums used in art.  They also pack up into surprisingly small packages when deflated, allowing you to easily transport your inflatable art sculpture to different locations.  Plus, since inflatables are lighter than traditional art mediums and can be stored in small packages, they are cheaper to transport. 

Another benefit of using custom inflatables in your next art piece is that you do not have to worry about your art piece getting damaged during transportation or while being displayed.  All IDG’s custom inflatables are made with the highest-quality materials in the industry and include a heavy-duty storage bag that will protect your inflatable during transportation.

Other Uses of Custom Inflatable Art Sculptures

As mentioned before, custom inflatable art sculptures are easy to transport.  They also inflate and deflate fast.  This makes them perfect for pop-up installations in the middle of the city, or any other unexpected place.

Jason Hackenwerth Animal Soul Custom Inflatable Art Installations
Jason Hackenwerth Animal Soul Custom Inflatable Installation

IDG’s custom inflatable art sculptures have been used in several creative ways including as music festival décor, stage decorations during performances, album cover artwork, and even ad campaigns!  View more examples of inflatable art here!

Custom Inflatable Art Sculptures at music festival and ad campaign david lachapelle
Custom Inflatable Art Sculpture at Music Festival (left) and Custom Inflatable Tank Designed by David LaChapelle for Diesel Ad (right)

Use your custom inflatable art sculpture in any creative way!  With proper care and cleaning it can last up to 10 years!

Order Your Custom Inflatable Art Sculptures Today!

Inflatables are the perfect way to bring your next art sculpture to life.  They allow you to get creative with space, perception, and air.  Plus, they are durable, easy to transport, and can be displayed anywhere you have access to electricity!

Inflatable Design Group’s team of skilled craftsmen can bring any sculpture to life in the form of a highly detailed, high-quality custom inflatable.  Our art department is one of the few in the inflatable manufacturing industry that uses airbrush on inflatables, allowing us to create a high level of realism and add intricate detail. 

Ready to make the impossible possible and challenge perspective with custom inflatable art sculptures?  Contact our team at to get started!