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Custom Inflatable Art with IDG 5

Custom Inflatable Art with IDG

Inflatables make eye-catching art installations! IDG turns your artistic ideas into 3D masterpieces! The talented artists at Inflatable Design Group combined with our 3D imaging software make completely customizable inflatable products possible! A few examples of past uses for our artistic talent include the popular Bay Area art installation called the Bedford Gallery. In addition, famous photographer and director, David LaChapelle has worked with IDG. These clients were able to have complete creative power. So, whatever they thought of, we brought it to vibrant life! Explore your artistic ideas with Inflatable Design Group! Contact us today or a free estimate!

Balloon Artist “Pincher” Custom Inflatable

Customizing Inflatable Products

Inflatable Design Group has a reputation for creating eye-catching custom inflatables. How do we create fully customizable inflatables? Well, first, we have wonderful representatives that communicate effectively with clients through email and by phone to estimate and plan the project. Then, we utilize 3D imaging software to visualize clients’ creative ideas. The 3-dimensional rendering is then stylized according to the client’s preference. Therefore, any color, design, or style is possible with Inflatable Design Group! IDG makes sure you have a part in every step of the process! Next, the inflatable is crafted based on dimensions to scale of the 3D model. In addition, IDG’s talented painters make sure the colors pop and designs turn out the way you envisioned! Furthermore, every inflatable is tested before being sent.

David LaChapelle Studios Custom Inflatable Head In Production
David LaChapelle Studios Custom Inflatable Head Finished Product

As you can see in the images above, the client’s artistic imagination turned into vibrant life! In this specific case, famed photographer and director David LaChapelle was the client. Therefore, the custom inflatables were part of the promotional art installations being photographed. As part of the Smirnoff Midnight Circus campaign, IDG created specialized these inflatables to fit the atmosphere. David LaChapelle’s photography style has been described as surreal, giving IDG a unique challenge. So, how does a custom inflatable company create art worthy to be shot by such an acclaimed photographer? Well, the paragraph above describes our customizing process and the photo galleries exemplify our portfolio. The first of the two pictures above includes our hard-working IDG team working on the giant inflatable head. So, you can see that our talented artists go to great lengths to ensure the inflatable meets the preferences of every client!

Custom Inflatable Art Makes a Statement

In another installation photographed by David LaChapelle, IDG created a giant inflatable tank. The inflatable stood as part of Diesel’s “Make Love Not Walls” campaign. Diesel’s artistic director, Nicola Formichetti, told Adfreak, “We wanted to spread a positive message and show that a brighter and exciting tomorrow is possible”. Our team at Inflatable Design Group did everything we could to promote that message through the inflatable customization. Therefore, we stylized the custom inflatable tank according to the client’s vision.

Custom Inflatable Tank for David LaChapelle Diesel Campaign

As you can see in the picture below, we colored the tank in multiple vibrant colors, striped vertically across the whole inflatable. Also, the tank’s gun barrel followed the same striped style. Our custom inflatable tank was utilized in the campaign in different ways. For instance, people walking by a Diesel store location found the inflatable standing tall behind the statement, “Make Love, Not Walls”. The brightly colored inflatable definitely caught the public’s eye, drawing attention to the campaign. Therefore, IDG supported Formichetti’s vision. Let us turn your vision into reality with custom inflatable art pieces! Contact us today for a free estimate!

Inflatable Art Interpretation

In addition, the talented artists at IDG created an inflatable for a 2001 piece by David LaChapelle titled, “Death by Hamburger”. The piece, according to Tel Aviv Museum Curator, Nili Goren, is a “criticism of some of the values consecrated by contemporary society – the addiction to fast food, the worship of anorectic models of beauty, and their destructive encounter”. One of the best things about art is that it is often interpreted differently by different people. So, looking at “Death by Hamburger”, pictured below, what do you think? In addition, do you agree with Goren’s analysis? Art makes one think critically, in a fashion unlike anything else. Inflatable Design Group’s ability to customize inflatable products gives you the unique opportunity to utilize our resources for your artistic ideas. So, see what IDG can do for you, and get started on your inflatable art journey.

“Death by Hamburger” – David LaChapelle Inflatable Art

Custom Inflatable Art Installations

When a person hears “inflatables”, one usually thinks of bounce houses or promotional products. While those are definitely types of inflatables that Inflatable Design Group proudly produces, there are more uses for inflatable products. For example, let me introduce to you inflatable art! Any color, shape, and design is possible with IDG, so match your artistic ideas with our customizability! For instance, take a look at the popular Bay Area art installation, the Bedford Gallery. The Gallery is “a program of the City of Walnut Creek, exhibits the work of historic, modern, and contemporary artists”. The Gallery’s mission is to reflect and engage audiences of the Contra Costa region of the Bay Area through its exhibitions. So, Inflatable Design Group is honored to provide its resources and create beautiful inflatable art installations. For example, please consider the pictures below.

Custom Inflatable Art Installation Bedford Gallery Warriors
Custom Inflatable Art Installation Bedford Gallery Skull

The intricate angles, vibrant colors, and stylized designs of each inflatable art installation is a testament to the talent of IDG’s artists. Therefore, with Inflatable Design Group, custom really does mean custom. These inflatable art pieces are just a few of the many exhibitions IDG provided for the Bedford Gallery. Other installations included custom inflatable flamingos that filled up an entire room, a giant cartoon style mouse, excitingly colorful cones, and a large golden Buddha lying down. Many of these inflatable art pieces were created from the artist’s existing models or ideas. Therefore, down to the smallest detail, inflatable design group can bring your statue, painting, or any other type of art to inflatable life. Imagine what amazing installations we can provide for you! So, with Inflatable Design Group, you can line your art gallery with inflatable art! Contact IDG today for a free estimate!