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Custom Inflatable Characters to Get Kids to Go Crazy 2

Custom Inflatable Characters to Get Kids to Go Crazy

Inflatables Make Family Fun Meant for Everyone!

Spring break is just around the corner and soon after is summer! Without kids needing to be in school, families will flood into amusements parks, museums, and so much more! Families will trek to new place ready to make memories. So give them something to remember with custom inflatable characters. Use your mascot to draw in families and kids a like! Everyone will love seeing their favorite characters up close and in person. Inflatable characters are a great way to increase your visibility in a fun, unique way. 

custom inflatable charactersLet Your Custom Inflatable Characters Do the Talking

Custom inflatable characters are extremely versatile and you can use them for a variety of advertising techniques! Inflatables are so much more than just something nice to look at. You can use them to both draw in the crowds and advertise for a new attraction or say thanks to your customers. That is why here at Inflatable Design Group we specialize in customization so that your inflatable will reach its fullest potential. Everyone will want to take photos with your inflatable. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all of these social media site will be flooded with images of your mascot. Imagine all of the free advertising you will get from your inflatable character! 

Custom Inflatable CharactersMake Your Event a Destination with IDG 

Hurry and get your custom inflatable characters just in time for the school breaks. Grab everyone’s attention with your character turned larger than life inflatable! Make anything fun for everyone with an inflatable that will bring out their inner-child. With a variety of customization options and easy to handle design, you can use your inflatable anytime and anywhere! Interested in trying something new this spring? Send us an email to for more information on how to get started on your own inflatable!