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Custom Inflatable Entryways

Custom Inflatable Entryways Make Your Brand Stand Out

From inflatable arches at the starting lines of marathons to giant inflatable tunnel entrances for NFL teams, Inflatable Design Group is known for making the best custom inflatable entryways in the business. 

IDG has worked with companies of all sizes with all different budgets to create custom inflatable entryways of different styles and sizes.  Our team can turn virtually any design into a custom inflatable entryway that is sure to make your brand stand out!

Custom Inflatable Tunnels and Helmets

Custom inflatable tunnels can be used at all types of events to show off your brand.  Welcome eventgoers to your summer festival, sports game, or other events with a custom tunnel.

custom branded inflatable tunnel for Denny's
Custom Inflatable Denny’s Tunnel

IDG’s team can digitally print any logo, design, or pattern directly onto your custom inflatable tunnel.  We can also make your inflatable tunnel with removable banners.  Removable banners allow you to change the signage on your inflatable tunnel so that you can use the same inflatable for various events year after year.  This is a great way to show off your event sponsors.  You can even add the opportunity for removable banners to your sponsorship proposal when reaching out to potential sponsors.

Custom inflatable helmets are also a great addition to any event, especially sporting events. 

inflatable helmet for college football team
Inflatable Helmet for College Football Team

Inflatable helmets are a great way to welcome your team to the field or your fans to the stadium.  Just like tunnels, they can be made with removable banners to call out sponsors and we can digitally print any design directly onto them. 

Want to make a big entrance?  What about an inflatable helmet and tunnel combo?  This statement-making custom inflatable entryway is made of two separate parts which provide lots of versatility.

Check out some examples of our custom inflatable tunnels and helmets here.  We have multiple sizes to choose from for both inflatable helmets and inflatable tunnels.  Talk to your sales representative for more information.

Custom Inflatable Arches

IDG’s inflatable arches are extremely versatile.  They can be used for different events throughout the year and are a great way for your brand to stand out. 

custom inflatable arches of different styles for university, music festival, nfl team, and 5k
Custom Inflatable Arches of Various Styles

As you can see in the picture above IDG offers many different styles of inflatable arches.  All are 100% customizable! 

Inflatable arches are a great way to welcome people to your festival, create a picture-perfect race, and more!  Just like inflatable tunnels and helmets, inflatable arches can have removable banners.  This is a great way to add versatility to your arch and allows you to use it as both your race start and finish line, for different events around the community, and more!

As mentioned before, IDG’s inflatable arches are 100% customizable.  We can match any team or company colors and make your arch to be any shape and size!  Check out the different categories of inflatable arches and examples of our past work here.

Custom Inflatable Entryways

Didn’t see something like what you want in our collection of inflatable tunnels, helmets, and arches?  No worries!  IDG’s innovative team of craftsmen can turn virtually any design into an amazing custom inflatable entryway that is sure to get your brand noticed! View examples of our custom inflatable entryways here.

Custom Inflatable Entryway for NC Black Bear Festival
Custom Inflatable Entryway for NC Black Bear Festival

We have worked with artists, musicians, sports teams, non-profits, and more to create eye-catching custom inflatable entryways.  These entryways have been used for many different occasions including as entrances to events, an intimidating way to welcome a sports team to the field, and even as the center of a rapper’s album cover. 

We have a large collection of custom inflatable mascot entryways we have made for high schools, universities, and professional sports teams.  View them here.

Order Your Custom Inflatable Entryway Today!

Custom inflatable entryways are a great way to invite people to your event, sports game, university campus, and more!  They can even be used as a unique photo opportunity or album cover art!  Inflatable entryways are extremely versatile and easy to use!  Add removable banners for more versatility or a fog machine for a show-stopping entrance.

All IDG’s custom inflatables are made with the highest-quality materials in the industry.  Our team of craftsmen puts attention and dedication into every stitch. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your custom inflatable entryway can be used for up to 10 years!

When it comes to custom inflatables, we work hard to not only meet our expectations but exceed them.  That is why our lead time is about 8 to 9 weeks.  Be prepared for your next event and get started on your custom inflatable entryway today!  Email us at to get started.