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custom inflatable heads take center stage

Custom Inflatable Heads Take Center Stage

Going on tour or performing at a music festival and looking for a way to dress up your stage?  Stand out and make sure people remember you with giant custom inflatable heads!

From Broadway star Todrick Hall to Grammy nominee Travis Scott, Inflatable Design Group has worked with artists in various genres to create highly detailed custom inflatable replicas of their heads!  These custom entertainment industry inflatables have been used as stage sets, event entryways, and concert photo opportunities.

All Eyes on You with Custom Inflatable Heads as Stage Decor

One of the most common uses of custom inflatable heads designed and manufactured by IDG is to use them as stage props during a performance.  This puts the artist in center stage, literally!

Inflatable Design Group has collaborated with many artists, including Todrick Hall and Lil’ Durk to create larger-than-life highly detailed inflatable replicas of their heads! 

Custom Inflatable Heads for Lil Durk (left) and Todrick Hall (right) used as stage sets
Custom Inflatable Heads for Lil Durk (left) and Todrick Hall (right)

Although large in size, these inflatables pack up small making them perfect for taking on the road as artists perform in different cities and arenas.  They also are great for festival performances as they are extremely easy to set up and inflate in seconds. 

Plus, another benefit of using custom inflatables is that they are relatively light in weight when compared to traditional materials used as stage props and stage décor.  This means they will cost less to transport.    

See more examples of custom inflatable stage props and stage décor on our website.

Welcome Event Attendees Through a Giant Inflatable Head Entryway

Giant inflatable heads also are a great way to welcome attendees to an event.  From festivals to private parties, Inflatable Design Group has created many custom inflatable head entryways. 

Inflatable Heads for AstroWorld and StormiWorld
Inflatable Heads for AstroWorld and StormiWorld

In addition to using the inflatable head entryways at event entrances, Travis Scott’s AstroWorld custom inflatable was also used on his album cover.  The Astro World album cover was shot by David LaChapelle and put the AstroWorld custom inflatable designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group in the middle as the main focus. 

You can read more about Travis Scott’s custom inflatable Astro World head and how it traveled around the world to promote his new album in our blog.

Fun Concert Photo Opportunity with Inflatable Skulls

Another use of custom inflatable heads is by using them for a fun and unique concert photo opportunity.  For example, Inflatable Design Group worked with country music duo Brothers Osborne to create two custom inflatable skulls that looked like the talented brothers.  These inflatable skulls were placed outside each stadium that Brothers Osborne performed at and provided concertgoers with a fun photo opportunity.

Brothers Osborne Inflatable Skulls
Brothers Osborne Inflatable Skulls

Other Custom Inflatable Heads

As mentioned before, Inflatable Design Group worked with David LaChapelle on Travis Scott’s AstroWorld album cover.  Our team also had the pleasure of working with him on another project called Smirnoff Midnight Circus.  For this project we brought to life David LaChapelle’s vision which consisted of two giant inflatable heads.

Smirnoff Midnight Circus Custom Inflatable
Smirnoff Midnight Circus Custom Inflatable

You can learn more about this project and the event they were used at on our website.

Order Your Custom Inflatable Heads Today!

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