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Instant money maker...Custom Inflatable Money Machines! 1

Instant money maker…Custom Inflatable Money Machines!

Go Mad for Custom Inflatable Money Machines!

Custom inflatable money machines are the exciting addition your event needs. Create an exhilarating, interactive experience for all of your event attendees. Events are quickly evolving into large spectacles for enormous crowds and are designed to draw as much attention as possible. Everyone loves a chance to win free money and products and inflatable money machines are the perfect opportunity. Draw in more and more people with this giant inflatable box of pure fun! Create a one of a kind inflatable money machine made especially for you!

Anywhere, Any Person, Any Time

Custom inflatable money machines can be used by virtually any business or event! Event marketing companies can custom order each inflatable money machine to feature the events logo and details on it. Businesses such as banks, radio stations and casinos can feature their own logo and brands anywhere on the inflatable for the best advertising! The beauty of an inflatable money machine is transportation. You can store an inflatable in a small box, but inflate it to unreal heights! This means you can bring your inflatable with you where you or your event goes. Traveling festivals and races can have their inflatable money machine at each stop along the tour. So, the ease of set up and take down makes an inflatable money machine the easiest addition to your event or business.


Fill your inflatable money machine which whatever you want! So, give participants something to jump for and fill it with real cash! Or you can promote your business by having coupons flying around you inflatable money machine for participants to catch. It is our promise to make sure we produce the highest quality inflatable that are exactly what you want! Amplify your next even with the help of Inflatable Design Group. So, get creative and see where the fun of an inflatable money machine will take you!