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custom inflatable pop up events

Custom Inflatable Pop-Up Events

Custom inflatable pop-up events are a great way to engage with your consumers and get people talking about your brand.  Custom inflatables can be used throughout pop-up events in various ways to connect your brand, products, and consumers. 

From giant interactive inflatables shaped like your product to larger-than-life inflatable character replicas, IDG’s talented team can bring any vision to life in the form of custom inflatables.  These custom inflatables are easy to travel with, eye-catching, and easy to set up.  Making them perfect for your pop-up events, especially if the event is being hosted in multiple cities. 

Disney+ Day 2021 Worldwide Custom Inflatable Pop-Up

During November 2021 IDG worked with Disney+ to design multiple custom inflatables that were used in a worldwide celebration for Disney+ Day.  These inflatables included custom inflatable character replicas, custom inflatable arches, inflatable logo tiles, and more. 

custom inflatable Disney+ day pop-up event in New York City
Disney+ Day Pop-Up Event in NYC with Custom Inflatables

Multiple copies of each inflatable were made and sent to different locations around the world including Paris and Copenhagen.  One set of inflatables stayed in the United States and, during the week of Disney+ Day, traveled from New York City to Nashville to Los Angeles. 

Many fans did not know where the custom inflatable pop-up events would appear next, making it a fun experience or tracking their pop-up locations around the world.

Disney+ Inflatables in Paris
Disney+ Inflatables in Paris

People who had tracked down one of the inflatable pop-up events, or happened to luckily stumble upon one, stopped to take pictures with the custom inflatables and also got some fun one-of-a-kind Disney+ Day swag. 

The Disney+ Day 2021 worldwide custom inflatable pop-up celebration was posted all over social media and news outlets, making it a successful event.   

Learn more about the Disney+ Day 2021 custom inflatable pop-up events on our website.

Custom Inflatable Pop-Up Events for TV Shows and Movie Premieres

 Another great custom inflatable pop-up event is one that helps promote a tv show or movie.  IDG has worked with many companies, including Adult Swim and Lionsgate, to create custom inflatables that were used in pop-up events and activations before a big premiere.

For example, in 2021 IDG helped bring one of the characters from Lionsgate’s new movie Spiral: From the Book of Saw to life in the form of a 25-foot-tall custom inflatable replica.  This inflatable replica was displayed on the roof of Diamond Supply Co. clothing store in Los Angeles and had police siren lights projected on it at night.  The custom inflatable character was up in preparation for not only the movie’s release but also to announce a special merchandise collab with Diamond Supply Co. clothing brand.

This pop-up event was very successful and got a lot of buzz going about the movie ahead of its premiere.  Even the movie’s producer stopped by Diamond Supply Co. to take a picture of the custom inflatable replica and posted it to social media.  Check out more pictures about this pop-up on our website.

custom inflatable character replica for Spiral: Book of Saw pop up event
Custom Inflatable Character Replica for Spiral: Book of Saw

Another example of custom inflatable pop-up events for tv shows and movie premieres is our work with the popular TV network Adult Swim.  IDG made inflatable replicas of the title characters from their show Tuca & Bertie and a giant inflatable from their show Smiling FriendsBoth made ‘pop-up’ appearances in different cities around the country during the premiere weekend of the shows. 

Fans had a great time trying to guess where the next inflatable would pop up.  You can learn more about each of these events on our website.

Custom Smiling Friends Inflatable in Vegas
Custom Smiling Friends Inflatable in Vegas

Start Planning Your Custom Inflatable Pop-Up Events Today!

When you work with the Inflatable Design Group team anything is possible.  Our team uses state-of-the-art 3D technology to bring any design or concept to life in the form of a high-quality, extremely detailed custom inflatable creation.  Our sewing team uses only the best materials available on the market to manufacture each of our custom inflatable creations so that they can withstand multiple uses, travel, and wear and tear.

Contact our team today at to start planning and designing your custom inflatable pop-up events!