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Custom Inflatable Product Replicas from Inflatable Design Group 4

Custom Inflatable Product Replicas Make a Statement

Bring your product to life!

Take your product advertising to the next level with the help of custom inflatable product replicas from IDG! Make a statement at any event by having a custom inflatable product replica and create a lasting impression. We custom make every inflatable so, it is exactly what you envisioned! So, you can design your product replica to be exactly what you want, from two feet to twenty feet and higher! Our team is prepared to make you the highest quality inflatable from Inflatable Design Group. All our clients can view our products and see why we take pride in our work!

Inflatable Kung FU Panda

Perfect for any event!

Custom inflatable product replicas make huge statements at events like movie premieres, grand openings, marathons and so much more! We have had the honor of producing product replicas for movies like The Batman Lego movie and Kung Fu Panda. So, creating a larger than life Kung Fu Panda and Lego Batman was definitely an amazing experience. So, these inflatables were great attention grabbers at the events! Product replicas are ideal for advertising at marathons and grand openings. We have worked with Wendy’s, Lays, Coleman and countless other companies to create the most realistic product replicas on the market. Our team checks all our inflatable multiple times to ensure they are of the highest quality. In addition, we keep you informed about the progress of your inflatable from start to finish. Therefore, we are your go to inflatable product replica creators!

Custom Inflatable Product Replicas make a Statement!

Promote your product in a unique, one of a kind way and create  show stopping custom inflatable product replicas. Setting up your inflatable only takes a few minutes and they can be stored in small spaces making your inflatable ready to travel with your event! In addition to the ease of travelling with an inflatable, you can boost the visibility of your product…literally!…and take your product to the next level with your custom inflatable product replica. We work with you through the entire process, from order to shipment, to ensure that you are satisfied with the finished product. So, take the next step to advance your business with Inflatable Design Group!