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Custom Inflatable Products

Custom Inflatable Products Have Endless Possibilities

We are continuing our series on the numerous types of custom inflatable products that are available for your next promotion or special event.  Our previous article covered inflatable characters, inflatable mascots, and inflatable animals. Today, we will look at two more categories of custom inflatable products.

Custom Inflatable Snow Globe

The custom inflatable snow globe is one of our most popular inflatable interactive products. Some customers choose to allow participants to take photos of themselves inside of the custom inflatable snow globe.  This is another way to help your brand stay on the forefront of the minds of potential customers.

Military Inflatables

Military inflatables can be designed for just about any purpose.  We have created everything from custom inflatable drill sergeants and inflatable archways to interactive military inflatables including obstacle courses, boxing rings and bungee runs. We’ve even created games such as cornhole and jousting.  You dream it, we can design it!

Our next article will explore more types of giant custom inflatables.

When it comes to custom inflatable products, your friends at Inflatable Design Group (IDG) have you covered.  Our creative team has partnered with hundreds of businesses and brands to develop an effective custom inflatable advertising strategy designed to take them to the next level.  If your traditional advertising strategy is stagnating and could use a boost, then it may be time to consider incorporating giant custom inflatables into your overall marketing plan.  Give us a call and we will get started today!