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custom inflatable projection wall

Custom Inflatable Projection Screen for Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo opened for SZA during her SOS North America tour which traveled to 17 different cities.  During his opening set Apollo performed 11 of his original songs in front of a custom inflatable projection screen that was created by Inflatable Design Group.

Side View of the Custom Inflatable Projection Screen for Omar Apollo
Side View of the Custom Inflatable Projection Screen for Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo is an up-and-coming R&B singer-songwriter.  He was nominated at the 2023 Grammys for Best New Artist and received many nominations at the 2021 Latin Grammys.  He started out his career by uploading his music to Soundcloud and eventually borrowed $30 from a friend to upload one of his songs to Spotify.  Apollo’s career changed overnight when his song ended up on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and got over 20,000 streams in one day. 

The Custom Inflatable Projection Screen

This custom inflatable projection screen was 28 feet high by 40 feet wide and 2 feet deep.  Our talented team of craftspeople sewed the inflatable projection screen in a way that gave it a unique texture that helped light bounce off it during Apollo’s performance.

Inflatable Projection Wall at Practice with Lights
Inflatable Projection Wall at Practice with Lights

During Omar Apollo’s set, two HD projectors projected various images and videos onto the custom inflatable projection screens.  These videos went from live footage of the performance to graphics and other prerecorded videos. 

Omar Apollo Performing In Front of Custom Inflatable Wall
Omar Apollo Performing In Front of Custom Inflatable Wall

Rigging and Changing the Stage Set

Artists who open for another artist on tour often have a limited set time.  Their stage set has to be simple and take up minimal space to not interfere with the headliner’s performance or stage design.  The inflatable projection wall stage set was a great and simple way to elevate Omar Apollo’s performance.  It was also easy to rig and take down when his set was over.

Omar Apollo custom inflatable stage set for SOS SZA tour
The Inflatable Projection Wall Was Rigged to Metal Trusses with Lights

The inflatable projection screen was rigged up to metal trusses that had lights fixed to the sides.  Once Omar Apollo’s set was over, the production team came out to take down his stage set.  First, they unplugged the inflatable, which deflated within seconds, then they dismantled the lights attracted to the trusses.  Once that was done the metal trusses lowered to the floor, making it easy for the production team to unclip the now-deflated projection wall and roll it up.  It was then carefully put into a wheeled crate and rolled off stage, leaving the stage ready for SZA’s performance that happened soon after. 

Why Bespoke Inflatables for Stage Props and Stage Sets

Whether your artist is the show’s opener or the headliner, bespoke inflatables are perfect for any stage prop or stage set, especially when designed by IDG.  IDG’s talented team uses state-of-the-art technology to make virtually any inflatable vision a reality.  Our team of seamstresses, artists, and craftspeople meticulously craft each and every inflatable to ensure that they not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Bespoke inflatables also pack up into surprisingly small packages.  This makes them easy to bring on the road with you, wherever your concert tour may take you.  Many of our clients have even traveled overseas, such as to Europe, with their bespoke inflatable stage sets and stage props. 

In addition to packing up into surprisingly small packages, bespoke inflatable stage props and stage sets weigh significantly lighter than those made with other materials such as metal and wood.  They also inflate and deflate within minutes, making them easy to take down in a limited time. 

Order Today!

Ready to get started on your custom inflatables?  Email us at for a free quote.  One of our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible and walk you through the entire ordering and customization process.  Please note that our production time can vary between 6 weeks and 9+ weeks. 

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