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custom inflatable structures

Custom Inflatable Structures

Custom inflatable structures, including tents and pavilions, are a great way to get your brand noticed at any event you may attend. Inflatable Design Group specializes in custom inflatables and our team can make a custom inflatable structure that is any size, color, or shape you want.  

Easy to Use!

Tired of struggling with metal trusses? Custom inflatable structures are easy to use and inflate within minutes. They can be used at any indoor or outdoor event as long as you have access to electricity. Once your event is done, simply deflate your custom inflatable structure and pack it away in the provided storage bag.  

IDG’s custom inflatable structures pack up into surprisingly small packages making them easy to store when not in use and transport to your next event!  

custom inflatable structures for cuties brand
Custom Inflatable Cuties Tent

IDG specializes in high-quality custom inflatables. Our team uses state-of-the-art 3D software to bring your vision to life. Then our talented team of sewers use the highest-quality materials available in the industry to construct your custom inflatable structure, paying extreme attention to detail.  

IDG puts lots of care and effort into every one of the inflatables we make. Our team makes sure that all of our custom inflatables are extremely durable so that, with proper care and cleaning, your custom inflatable structure will last for up to 10 years.    

Custom Inflatable Structures Have Many Uses

Since IDG’s inflatables are all made with high-quality materials and last such a long time, they are a great investment! You can use your inflatable structure at any event your company may attend including tradeshows, festivals, promotional tours, and more! You can even use it on the beach!

inflatable igloo structure on the beach for event
Inflatable Igloo Structure on Beach for Special Event

 In the past, IDG’s clients have gotten creative with their custom inflatable structures. For example, IDG worked with the popular tv network TBS to create a custom inflatable structure that looked like the main character of their new show, Final Space, which premiered in 2018.

This giant inflatable character-shaped structure was then used as a unique place to celebrate the show’s premiere. Fans of the show were invited inside the dome to view the first two episodes of the new show and attend a panel with the show’s creators.   The creative use of the inflatable structure created a reported 148 million impressions on social media, creating buzz for the show’s premiere!

inflatable dome for tv show premiere
Custom Inflatable Moon Cake Dome for TV Show Premiere

Another creative use of custom inflatable structures is the inflatable pavilion IDG made for the Wimbledon tennis tournament. This giant inflatable pavilion invited eventgoers to go inside and read about the history of the world-famous tournament, creating a 360-degree interactive educational exhibit.

WImbledon custom inflatable structure with event history
Wimbledon Custom Inflatable Structure

IDG has made a plethora of custom inflatable structures that our clients have used in creative ways throughout the years. See more examples of inflatable structures we have made here.

Increase Brand Visibility with Custom Inflatable Structures

Attending a tradeshow or other event with lots of exhibitors and looking for a way to make your brand stand out? Custom inflatable structures designed by IDG will tower over eventgoers and your competitors and make your brand seen!  

Recently, IDG created an inflatable tent for the insurance company State Farm. State Farm used this tent at various tradeshows the company attended including Comic-Con. As you can see from the photo below, State Farm’s custom inflatable tent could be seen throughout the entire event. This helped increase State Farm’s brand visibility and attracted people to their booth.  

inflatable state farm pavilion at comic-con
Inflatable StateFarm Pavilion at Comic-Con

Once at the booth people could go inside and learn more about the insurance company.  

Learn more about how to utilize custom inflatables to stand out at tradeshows here.

Inflatable Misting Stations

Another great use of custom inflatable structures is that you can use them at summer events to provide your staff or eventgoers with a place to cool off. One of IDG’s most popular custom inflatables used at summer events are our inflatable misting stations.  

inflatable misting tent at outdoor event
Inflatable Misting Station at Summer Event

Like all IDG’s inflatables, inflatable misting stations are 100% customizable and can be utilized to show off your brand at your next event. They are easy to set up and a great way to attract people to your company booth at events on a hot day.  

Learn more about inflatable misting stations here.

Order Today!

As mentioned before, all IDG’s inflatables are 100% customizable. They can be made to any shape, size, and color you want so that your brand stands out at your next event.

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