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Custom Inflatables

Custom Inflatables Add Pizazz to Sports Events

We are continuing our series on different types of custom inflatables that promote engagement and excitement at sports events.  Our previous article covered custom inflatable mascots, custom inflatable logos and custom inflatable sports equipment.

Today, we will take a closer look at custom inflatable entranceways, custom inflatable products and custom inflatable slides.

Custom Inflatable Entranceways

Entranceways are one of the many custom inflatables that can be used for different purposes.  Inflatable entranceways can be placed just outside of stadiums and fields to welcome fans.  They can also be used on field to introduce the home team. Some event organizers even use them to welcome fans to special sections or VIP areas.

Custom Inflatable Products

Custom inflatable products are not only popular at sports events, but they are a big hit at any event!  Many sports event organizers offer higher end sponsors the opportunity to display their custom inflatable products as part of their promotional packages.  Some of the most common custom inflatable products include food, beverages, cars and trucks.  The possibilities are endless!

Custom Inflatable Slides

Let’s face it.  Children often get bored when watching live sports. Many venues have kids play areas to help keep children engaged and entertained. Custom inflatable slides are extremely popular in play areas and we make them durable enough for adults to join in on the fun!

Our next article will discuss how custom inflatable archways, custom inflatable interactive games and custom inflatable tents and pavilions can be incorporated into your sports events.

If you have an upcoming festival, tradeshow or special event, your friends at Inflatable Design Group (IDG) would love to show you how custom inflatables can be used to engage participants. We pride ourselves on creating high quality inflatable products that are durable and designed to be used over and over again.  Give us a call to learn more today!