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How Custom Inflatables Will Improve Your Experiential Marketing Campaign 8

How Custom Inflatables Will Improve Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

Why Your Experiential Marketing Campaign Needs Custom Inflatables

Experiential marketing is all about creating a connection between a brand and its customers through interactions and real-life engagements.  It increases brand awareness and is a successful marketing strategy that has proven to be more effective than traditional forms of advertising.  Custom inflatables can be used in your brand’s experiential marketing campaign in a variety of ways.

Custom Inflatable Product Replicas

Inflatable product replicas are a great way to utilize custom inflatables in your marketing campaign.  From small, sealed inflatable units to larger-than-life inflatable product replicas, there are many sizes and uses that fit any marketing budget.

Sealed inflatables, or point-of-purchase units, are a great way to promote your products at the critical point of consumers making a purchase.  These sealed inflatable units leave a lasting impression of your brand and product to consumers.  They can be used at stores and tradeshows to call people to your display or booth.  They also make great giveaways or fan appreciation gifts to create a brand impression that lasts beyond the event. 

custom inflatable point of purchase product replicas

Giant custom inflatable product replicas are another great use of custom inflatables in your experiential marketing strategy.  These larger-than-life custom inflatables are a great way to grab the attention of your consumers and build instant brand recognition.  They can be used both inside and outside and are easy to set up and transport from location to location, allowing them to be used again and again.  Giant custom inflatable product replicas also provide a great photo opportunity. People are sure to share their pictures on social media, increasing your social media reach and bringing even more attention to your brand.

From inflatable cars to bottles and cans, Inflatable Design Group can replicate any product into killer, high-quality custom inflatables.  Grab your consumer’s attention with a giant, or small, custom inflatable product replica.  Build instant brand and product awareness and connect with your consumers.

Custom inflatable product replicas

Elevate Your Event Booth With Custom Inflatables

Tradeshows are a big part of many company marketing campaigns and a great way bring in new customers.  With so many different company booths at tradeshows make sure your booth stands out with custom inflatables.

There are many ways that you can use custom inflatables to elevate your event booth.  As mentioned before, inflatable product replicas are a great way to make sure your company’s booth stands out at a tradeshow.  Another great way to make your booth stand out is with interactive inflatables.

From branded inflatable games to inflatable money machines there are a plethora of custom interactive inflatable options to make your booth stand out.  Build the competitive spirit with a fun interactive game like cornhole.  Make your booth picture perfect with an inflatable snow globe guests can go inside of.  Give eventgoers a place to rest with a branded inflatable couch.  Build excitement with an inflatable money-blowing machine!  All interactive inflatables can be fully customized to your specifications. 

Inflatable Branded Interactive Games For tradeshow booth

Another great way to stand out at a tradeshow is with an inflatable pavilion or tent.  State Farm customized their very own inflatable pavilion for a tradeshow.  Their booth stood out at the event and could be seen throughout the entire venue.  It grabbed consumer’s attention and was one of the few booths that always had a line of people waiting to get in. 

Inflatable Tradeshow Booth for State Farm

Custom Inflatables For Unexpected Events and Traveling Installations

Unexpected events and traveling installations are a fun experiential marketing technique and a great way to create buzz on social media about a brand or product. 

In 2018, Inflatable Design Group worked with rapper Travis Scott to help promote his new album, Astroworld.  To create buzz about the album, IDG crafted giant, gold-painted, custom inflatable heads that showed up unexpectedly in various cities in preparation for the album release.  These locations included Houston, Times Square, and Los Angeles.  The inflatable heads even made appearances in international cities such as Sydney, Paris, and London.

Custom Inflatable Travis Scott Astroworld Heads

These gold-painted inflatable heads created lots of buzz on social media and people came from all over to see the custom inflatables in person.  Experiences like this are a great way to make your brand shareable or intriguing, helping you catch the attention of people who might not already be following your brand. 

Custom inflatables are the perfect way to create fun unexpected events for your experiential marketing campaign.  Custom inflatables are easy to transport, making them ideal for traveling installations and marketing in cities all over the world.

In 2012, IDG’s innovative team brought to life David LaChapelle’s “You’re In My Head” art installation for Smirnoff’s Midnight Circus event that took place in cities around the world.

Bringing LaChapelle’s art to life in the form of a custom inflatable made it easy to transport and set-up the installation at Smirnoff’s events around the world.  

Custom Inflatable Art For Smirnoff Midnight Circus

Connect With Your Consumers

According to Forbes, the most successful companies are the ones that deliver an experience and emotional connection with their consumers.  By using custom inflatables in your experiential marketing campaign, you can form a connection with your target market in a unique way. 

Custom inflatables are the best addition to every experiential marketing campaign because:

  • They are easy and cheap to transport
  • They are easy to set up and take down
  • They can be used again and again, making them a great return on investment
  • They have many uses and are fully customizable
  • They create great photo opportunities which will be shared on social media, increasing your social media reach and grabbing the attention of consumers who may not already be interested in your brand

Custom inflatables created by Inflatable Design Group will exceed your expectations.  They will bring attention to your product and will create a lasting connection between your brand and consumers.    Whether you are creating a traveling installation or elevating your event booth, IDG’s high-quality custom inflatables are a must for your marketing campaign. 

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