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custom military inflatables

Custom Military Inflatables? Roger That!

Add some excitement and visibility to your next recruitment event with custom military inflatables designed by Inflatable Design Group.  Our team has manufactured custom inflatables for all United States military branches including the Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army, and the Nation Guard.

Entryway Custom Military Inflatables

Whether you are recruiting on a college campus or at a state fair, make sure your booth is seen with custom military inflatable entryways!

Custom Military Inflatables for National Guard
Custom Inflatable Tunnel (top), Arch (bottom left), and Helmet (bottom right) for the National Guard

Giant custom inflatable tunnels, arches, and helmets are a great way to make sure you stand out at any event!  They tower over event-goers and increase your booth’s visibility.  Work with IDG’s innovative team to customize your military inflatable entryway.  We can match any colors and digitally print any logos or colors.  All inflatables manufactured by IDG are 100% customizable!

Custom Interactive Inflatables

Add some excitement to your recruitment booth and make the crowds come to you with custom interactive inflatables! 

custom inflatable interactive games for the navy and army
Custom Inflatable Interactive Games: Tic-Tac-Toe (left), Football Toss (middle), and Corn Hole (right)

Participants can go head-to-head in custom inflatable games such as jousting or boxing.  They can show off their skills with inflatable games such as our QB challenge or jump shot game.  Or participants can play a fun new inflatable twist on classic games like tic-tac-toe or corn hole.  People are sure to stop at your event booth when you have inflatable games!

IDG also makes custom inflatable obstacle courses and bounce houses!  These interactive inflatables are great fun for people of all ages.  Check out an extensive list of our custom interactive inflatable games on our website here.  Like all inflatables manufactured by IDG’s team, all our interactive inflatable games are 100% customizable!  They can be manufactured in any color and branded with any logo.

custom military inflatables air force
Custom Inflatable Bounce House (left) and Team Challange (right)

Other Custom Military Inflatables

Custom inflatable entryways and interactive inflatable games are not the only military inflatables that IDG manufactures!  IDG has also made inflatable military characters and other shapes.  These custom inflatables are great to display next to recruitment or info booths.  They can be made to any height you want and are sure to increase your booth’s visibility.

custom inflatable characters for the army and national guard
Custom Military Inflatable Characters

Tents and Promotional Materials

In addition to custom inflatables and military inflatables, IDG also creates custom tents and promotional materials.

Inflatable spider tents are large and can be used at any type of event.  They tower over eventgoers and are sure to get your booth noticed.  Plus, they are easy to set up!

inflatable spider tent for the national guard
Custom Inflatable Spider Tent for the Indiana National Guard

IDG also makes custom vendor tents using high-quality frames and a printed canopy.  Vendor tents are easy to set up and transport and can also be used at any type of event.  They are fully digitally printed and are constructed with high-quality polyester fabric that is UV protected so that your design never fades.  IDG also offers various vendor tent packages that include a back wall, sidewalls, and tablecloths, all digitally printed.  These added promotional materials are a great way to polish off your booth. 

vendor tent with digitally printed back wall and sidewalls for the national guard military
Custom Vendor Tent with Digitally Printed Back Wall and Sidewalls

Gain even more visibility at your event with custom promotional flags.

Contact Our Team Today

 IDG’s team of talented craftsmen can turn virtually anything into a giant, custom inflatable!  Contact our team at to get started. 

Have questions about custom inflatables?  Check out our FAQ page.