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what are the types of custom inflatables

What are the Different Types of Inflatables?

Inflatable Design Group has been in the custom inflatable industry for over 30 years.  During those years we have assembled the best craftspeople in the industry and have perfected the art of designing and manufacturing custom inflatables.

IDG does not have any inflatables already built and in stock.  Our team designs and manufactures every inflatable from the ground up using the highest quality materials available in the industry.  Whether that means adding team branding to an already patterned interactive inflatable or creating a completely unique design, our team can do it all.  Every one of IDG’s inflatable creations is one-of-a-kind. 

IDG’s team can turn virtually any design into a high-quality, show-stopping custom inflatable.  With so many possibilities, it is hard to categorize inflatables.  However, we have tried our best to break them up into different types of inflatables: interactives, entryways/tents, replicas, and completely custom shapes.

Interactive Custom Inflatables

custom inflatable interactive slide for oreo pop-up activation
Custom Interactive Inflatable Slide for Oreo Pop-Up Activation

Interactive custom inflatables include games, slides, bounce houses, and any other inflatable that allows participants to interact with it.  These types of custom inflatables are very popular among sports teams, universities, non-profit organizations, corporate companies, and more!  They are a great way to build brand awareness and add some fun to your marketing campaign.  They can also be used in fan zones, state fairs, and other events!

Work with IDG to add your logo onto one of our interactive games or create a completely custom interactive inflatable such as the giant inflatable slide we made for Oreo. 

Inflatable Entryways and Tents

IDG makes the finest inflatable entryways and inflatable tents in the industry.  We have a wide variety of inflatable arches, entryways, and tents for you to choose from.  All are 100% customizable to match your team or company brand!  Inflatable entranceways and tents are easy to set up and transport.  They can be used for years and are sure to make you stand out at your next event.

inflatable pumpkin arch entryway at pumpkin patch
Custom Inflatable Pumpkin Arch Entryway

Inflatable entryways are a great way to welcome event-goers to your event or your team to the field.  Customize your own inflatable arch or tunnel or create a completely custom inflatable entryway!

Cuties branded inflatable tent for events and tastings
Cuties Branded Custom Inflatable Tent

Inflatable structures are a great way to get your brand noticed.  Use your inflatable structure for a premiere event, to provide shade on a beach day, as your tradeshow booth, and more!  IDG’s inflatable structures are versatile and high-quality.  Like all our inflatables, if properly cleaned and taken care of they can last between 5 and 10 years!

Don’t see quite what you are looking for?  Our talented team can also create completely custom inflatable entryways!  Whether that is an inflatable tunnel with your school mascot or a completely unique giant inflatable entranceway of your head, our team can make it happen! 

Inflatable Replicas

IDG’s talented team can accurately replicate any product, character, mascot, animal, logo, or other advertising shapes into a highly detailed custom inflatable.  We have worked with numerous companies in various industries and of different sizes to replicate cars, beer cans, cartoon characters, shoes, and more! 

giant inflatable monster truck replica for monster jam event
Giant Inflatable Monster Truck Replica

Inflatable product replicas are a great way to bring attention to your brand or flagship product.  They can be used at premiere events, grand openings, tradeshows, festivals, and more!  Our team can make your inflatable product replica virtually any size and we can work with any budget.  

Custom Inflatables

As mentioned before, inflatables are hard to categorize because IDG’s team can turn virtually any design into a high-quality custom inflatable.  We have worked with artists to create inflatable art installations, people in the music industry to create inflatable shapes for concert stage sets, and we have even created a giant inflatable monster with a maze inside!  All these custom inflatables are one-of-a-kind and completely unique creations.

custom inflatables for pumpkin patch
Custom Inflatable Monster with Maze Inside

Custom inflatables are what IDG is best known for.  Our team loves a good challenge, and we love bringing crazy ideas and designs to life through custom inflatables!  Send your ideas to our team to get a free quote and get started on your custom inflatable creation.

Custom inflatables are an investment and when you invest in one of IDG’s inflatables, we invest in you.  Our sales representatives are all extremely knowledgeable and will walk you through the entire custom inflatable ordering process.  Our creative team works hard to not meet your expectations but to exceed them.  Please keep in mind, that all IDG’s sales are final and that it can take up to 10 weeks to perfect your custom inflatable. 

Any questions?  Check out our FAQ page.