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celebrating disney+ day around the world with custom inflatables

Celebrating Disney+ Day Around the World with Custom Inflatables

Imagine taking a morning stroll by the Eiffel Tower or through New York’s Meatpacking district and coming upon giant custom inflatable replicas of your favorite Disney+ characters and icons. 

The Disney brand is well-loved by people all around the world.  In fact, according to Forbes, Disney was the 7th most valuable and well-known brand in the world in 2020.

For the 2nd anniversary of their streaming service, Disney+, Disney wanted to create a magical celebration around the world.  To create a personal connection with their fans worldwide, Disney brought to life many of their most loved characters in the form of giant custom inflatables created by Inflatable Design Group.  These custom inflatables popped up in locations in the United States, Brazil, Denmark, and France throughout the week of Disney+ Day which is November 12th.      

The Disney+ streaming giant is celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than with HUGE iconic inflatables!

-Inside the Magic, Giant Inflatable Disney Icons Arrive Near Eiffel Tower, Jamie Sylvester

Inflatable replicas at each location included:

  • Boba Fett’s Helmet in preparation for the new Disney+ original show The Book of Boba Fett
  • Olaf from the movie franchise Frozen who stars in his own show Olaf Presents which was released on Disney+ Day
  • Captain America’s Shield from Marvel
  • Pixar’s iconic Luxo Ball
  • The National Geographic icon
  • Inflatable Disney+ Arches
  • And, in the United States, Maggie Simpson from The Simpsons to promote a new Disney Short, Happy Plusaversary, that premiered on Disney+ Day
custom inflatables in meatpacking district in New York City
Custom Inflatables in the Meatpacking District in New York City for Disney+ Day 2021

This custom inflatable pop-up activation was a great way for consumers to create a personal bond with their favorite Disney characters and icons.  People around the world loved seeing where the inflatable activation would appear next, and many attendees stopped to take pictures with the giant custom inflatables which they then posted on social media, making this a successful promotional event.

people posed in front of Disney+ inflatable arch on the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles
People Posed Infront of Disney+ Inflatable Arch on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles

Disney has always been known for creating magical experiences for people around the world and Inflatable Design Group was honored with helping create the magic in preparation for Disney+ Day 2021.  Our team had a great time bringing to life some of our favorite iconic Disney characters and seeing them travel around the world and all-over social media.

For me, Disney means magic, celebration, and fun. It’s all about connecting us,”

– California News Times, Disney Day Pop-Up Inflates Giant Disney Balloons in NYC
Disney+ Day Custom Inflatables Around the World

With over 25 years of experience in the inflatable manufacturing industry, Inflatable Design Group’s innovative team is the best source for custom inflatables and inflatable replicas in the business!  Our team pays extreme attention to detail and uses the highest-quality materials to turn any vision into an amazing custom inflatable creation or realistic inflatable replica.  From characters to food and drink products to automobiles, IDG’s team has done it all.   

Looking to design your own custom inflatable?  Whether it’s a character replica or a completely custom shape, look no further than Inflatable Design Group where creating giants is our business!  Contact our team today at to get started on your custom inflatable! 

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