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bespoke event inflatables

Dress Up Your Events in 2024 with Bespoke Event Inflatables

Dress up your events this year with bespoke event inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!  Our team specializes in bespoke, made-to-order inflatables and can bring virtually any inflatable concept to life.  We use the highest quality materials available in the industry so that your inflatable will last for years. 

Bespoke event inflatables are a great way to elevate your next event.  Bespoke inflatables can be used all over your event space for different things.  Below is a list of various bespoke inflatables we make at Inflatable Design Group that are perfect for any event!

1. Inflatable Product Replicas

Inflatable product replicas are perfect for any brand or company that is attending an event in 2024 and want a memorable way to connect with their consumers.  From small family-owned businesses to giant worldwide corporations, IDG has worked with companies of all sizes to create highly detailed inflatable product replicas of all shapes and sizes.  These product replicas have been used at different events to get eyes on the brand and product while also forming a connection with consumers. 

Inflatable Daybreaker Can at Outside Event
Inflatable Daybreaker Can at Outside Event

Inflatable product replicas pack into relatively small packages, making them easily transported to different events.  They also are attention-grabbing and serve as a fun event day photo opportunity! Check out some examples of our inflatable product replicas on our website.

2. Inflatable Event Entrances

From inflatable arches to giant inflatable entryways shaped like a celebrity’s face, IDG has created inflatable event entrances for all types of events.  Inflatable event entrances are a great way to welcome attendees and create a grand event entrance.

custom inflatable entryway for 5k and for stormiworld
Inflatable 3D Angular Arch for Zoo Atlanta 5K (left) and Inflatable Custom Entryway for Stormiworld (right)

Work with IDG to create a completely custom inflatable event entrance.  Use your inflatable entryway to feature event branding and create an immersive experience.  Your inflatable event entrance can even be made with removable banners which are a great way to add versatility and let you change out the signage for different events!  Check out more examples of inflatable entryways on our website to get some inspiration for your own inflatable arch, inflatable tunnel, or other entryway!

3. Interactive Bespoke Event Inflatables

Engage with event attendees and create a lasting connection with interactive bespoke event inflatables.  From giant inflatable couches to custom inflatable games to inflatable photobooths to inflatable escape rooms, IDG has an extensive collection of interactive bespoke event inflatables.  All of which, of course, are totally customizable. 

Bespoke Inflatable Oreo Slide for Pop-Up Event
Bespoke Inflatable Oreo Slide for Pop-Up Event

Interactive bespoke event inflatables are for event attendees of all ages!  They add some fun to any event and can also be used to build brand awareness and increase your company’s reach!  Some interactive inflatables can also be used as fun photo opportunities!  Check out our website for examples of interactive inflatables to get some ideas on what bespoke event inflatable your company wants for your next event!  Don’t forget, all are customizable and our team can also collaborate with you to bring to life a completely custom inflatable creation!

4. Inflatable Movie Screens

Hosting an outdoor movie night, game day streaming party, or other event that needs a big screen?  How about a giant inflatable movie screen customized to show off your branding? 

Inflatable movie screens pack up small making them easy to transport.  They are also extremely easy to set up and use!  Inflatable movie screens can be made in any dimension you want and are perfect for any event that requires a big screen! 

Inflatable Movie Screen for San Diego Loyals with Removable Sponsorship Banners
Inflatable Movie Screen for San Diego Loyals with Removable Sponsorship Banners

See examples on our website.

5. Bespoke Event Inflatables Used for Decor

Need to fill your event space with decor that is eye-catching?  What about using bespoke event inflatables as your event décor? 

From inflatable stage sets to bespoke inflatables scattered about a conference center, bespoke event inflatables provide the perfect event décor.  They are extremely easy to set up, attention-grabbing, and a great way to fill and transform any space!  Your event goers will feel like they are in a different dimension as they walk in and see all the beautiful inflatable event décor at your next event!

bespoke event inflatables for decor at rolling loud and rob zombie concert
Bespoke Event Inflatables for Decor at Rolling Loud (left) and Rob Zombie Concert (right)

Read our blog to learn more about how IDG created multiple bespoke event inflatables for the Robinhood Gala last year to dress up their event.  We have also worked with many musical artists and companies such as Beyonce, Blink-182, Weezer, and Insomniac to create various bespoke event inflatables that have been used to dress up musical festivals and stage sets!  Learn more about those in our entertainment inflatables section.

6. Giant Inflatable Dome or Tent For Your Next Event

A giant inflatable dome or tent is also a great addition to any event your company may attend.  They are attention-grabbing and will stand out at any event, getting tons of eyes on your brand!  Inflatable domes or tents can be used as a place to sell merchandise or food and beverages.  They can also be used to give your event attendees a place to relax or they can be used as your event space!  Recently we created a giant inflatable dome that was shaped like the Mooncake character from the show Final Space.  This inflatable dome was used as a place to screen the tv show premiere and host panels with the show’s writers and producers. 

Mooncake Inflatable Dome for Viewing Event
Mooncake Inflatable Dome for Viewing Event

The custom inflatable Mooncake dome was the perfect location for the Final Space event.  You can learn more about the event and other inflatable domes or tents on our website.

7. Bespoke Inflatable Event Signage

Inflatable event signage is another great use of bespoke event inflatables.  They are large and unique and attention-grabbing.  Whether you are hosting an event or just have a booth at an event, you are sure to get eyes on your brand and company with a custom inflatable event sign!

Bespoke Event Inflatable for Sephora Holiday Event
Bespoke Event Inflatable for Sephora Holiday Event

Inflatable signs pack up small and can be set up within minutes!  They are perfect to take with you from event to event and can dress up any event space or event booth all while getting eyes on your brand!  Plus, they serve as photo opportunities!

8. Bespoke Event Inflatables

As mentioned before, Inflatable Design Group specializes in bespoke inflatables.  This means that we can make any inflatable concept come to life in the form of a high-quality custom inflatable creation!  If you have a unique idea and don’t see what you are looking for in our blog or on our website, no worries!  Our team can collaborate with you to create an amazing bespoke event inflatable for your next event! 

Disney+ Bespoke Event Inflatables for Pop Up
Disney+ Bespoke Event Inflatables for Pop Up

Check out more unique inflatables on our website!

Order Your Bespoke Event Inflatables Today!

Have an event coming up that you want to dress up with bespoke event inflatables?  Our lead time can be up to 10+ weeks.  It is imperative that you get started on your event inflatables as soon as possible to ensure that it is in your hands in time for your next event!

Email us at or give us a call at 619-596-6100 to get started on your custom inflatable.  Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible and walk you through the entire customization and manufacturing process!

We look forward to working with you!