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E3 Means Inflatable Video Game Characters 2

E3 Means Inflatable Video Game Characters

Bring Your Favorite Video Game Characters to Life with IDG

E3 has just begun and now is the time to start thinking about your next big tech/video game event! Turn your game or company into a household name by turning your characters into life-like inflatables. So, make your next event or booth into the one everyone wants to visit with some help from Inflatable Design Group. In addition, inflatables are extremely versatile and great for any type of trade show, expo, tournament, or other large event. From E3 to Comic-Con, take your inflatable video game character with you to really draw in the crowds. 

inflatable video game charactersDraw in Your Target Market with Inflatable Video Game Characters

Inflatable video game characters are a unique opportunity to reach your ideal audience. From video game fanatics to newbie fans, inflatables are a great way to increase brand recognition and take your game to the top of the charts. Here at Inflatable Design Group, we work with our clients during every step of the inflatable process. We do this to ensure that your inflatable is made to your exact needs and properly reflects your brand’s image. So, turn your fans dreams into reality with a fun inflatable that accurately portrays your biggest and baddest characters

IDG will Turn Your Event Into Something More

Go above and beyond and get your company the inflatable it deserves! Not only is your inflatable completely custom made but it is also easy to use. Inflate your character anywhere you need it! Want more information on how to turn your video game character into a larger than life inflatable then check out our website or send us an email to