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Breast Cancer Awareness & Educational Interactive Inflatables 1

Breast Cancer Awareness & Educational Interactive Inflatables

Welcome to October!

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the perfect time to talk about educational interactive inflatables. This year alone there were 2.8 million women who had a history with breast cancer. Breast Cancer develops in about 1 in 8 women; besides skin cancer breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. So, we decided to contribute to the education and fight against breast cancer.


We teamed up with Interactive Exhibits and created these interactive breast cancer awareness inflatables. These inflatables traveled around the United States to several hospitals giving people a visual on how breast cancer affects the body. So, people everywhere can better understand the risks, symptoms and effects. 


More About Educational Interactive Inflatables 

These inflatables measured from 12.5 ft high, 15.5 ft wide, and 19.5 ft long. In addition, here at Inflatable Design Group we create educational interactive inflatables that help people learn more about everything from breast cancer to colon cancer. So, join the fight against breast cancer with us here at Inflatable Design Group.


So, having these large inflatables give purpose as a visual educational teaching aid. Below we have attached a video of these inflatables in action. Check it out!