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experiential marketing with custom inflatable activations

Experiential Marketing with Custom Inflatable Activations!

Experiential marketing is all about creating unique experiences or activations to allow your consumers to experience your brand.  Whether you are selling a food product or event tickets, experiential marketing is a great way for you to increase sales, brand awareness, and ensure that your consumers keep coming back. 

According to Finance Online, 70% of consumers reported becoming repeat customers after interacting with a brand during an experiential marketing event.  From a brand’s perspective, 72% of brand-side respondents have reported that experiential marketing has shown to be more successful than any other program in their marketing strategy. 

The three main goals of experiential marketing are to 1) appeal to your ideal consumers, 2) form a memorable connection between your brand and the consumer, and 3) create impressions that people want to share with others.  A great way to make sure your brand reaches those goals is by incorporating custom inflatable activations in your experiential marketing campaign. 

Below are some examples of how custom inflatable activations can be utilized to ensure your brand has a successful experiential marketing campaign.

Inflatable Photo Opportunity at Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs

As we mentioned before, one of the most important parts of a successful experiential marketing campaign is appealing to your target consumers.  The food and drink-centric Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs annual festival knew exactly how to appeal to their “foodie” target consumers when they contacted the IDG team to help them create a giant custom inflatable skillet for “America’s favorite brunch festival”.

The custom inflatable skillet was branded with the Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs logo and was used as a photo opportunity for eventgoers.  Eventgoers lined up to lay down in the custom inflatable skillet and cover themselves with food-shaped props as they smiled for a picture.

giant custom inflatable activation for food and drink festival in Seattle and Nashville
Inflatable Skillet for Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs Photo Opportunity

Eventgoers got to take the photos home and many shared their festival memories on social media by posting their photos in the custom inflatable activation for all their friends to see, making this a successful experiential marketing campaign. 

“What’s Your Stuf?” Oreo Custom Inflatable Activation

The most important goal of a successful experiential marketing campaign is by forming a memorable connection between your brand and your consumers.  Oreo was able to do just that during their “What’s Your Stuf?” campaign with a giant custom inflatable five-lane slide that was three stories high.   This custom inflatable activation popped up in cities across American and helped settle the debate of “what is the perfect Oreo cookie-to-cream ratio”. 

custom inflatable activations for Oreo's experiential marketing campaign
Photo of giant custom inflatable slide for Oreo campaign in New York City and Atlanta

Those who participated got to choose their ideal ‘level of stuf’ by sliding down one of the 5 lanes labeled Oreo Thins, Oreo Original, Oreo Double Stuf, Oreo Mega Stuf, or Oreo Most Stuf.    Each trip down one of the lanes counted as one vote towards that ‘level of stuf’ which was counted in real-time for all to see.  Those who participated or passed by the activation on their way to work also got to sample an Oreo of their choosing.

Custom inflatable activations, such as Oreo’s giant inflatable slide, help brands form a meaningful and memorable connection with their consumers which in turn results in a successful experiential marketing campaign.

Custom Inflatable Viewing Dome for TBS’s New Show

A successful experiential marketing campaign increases a brand’s reach or the number of people who know about your brand.  A great way to increase a brand’s reach is by hosting an event or experience that people want to share with others, most commonly through social media. 

When TBS released their sci-fi show Final Space in 2018 they knew they wanted to premiere it in a way that would end up all over social media and in turn increase the number of viewers.  To do this, IDG helped TBS replicate one of the show’s main characters, Moonpie, into a giant inflatable dome. 

This custom inflatable activation was set up in Nashville, which is the hometown of Olan Rogers, the show’s creator, and was used as a unique place to celebrate the show’s premiere.  Inside the giant inflatable dome, fans got to watch a special premiere of the show’s first two episodes and attend a panel from the show’s creators and producers. 

inflatable dome to view TBS new show during experiential marketing campaign
Custom Inflatable Activation for TBS Show Premiere

Overall, TBS’s experiential marketing campaign proved to be successful and created a reported 148 million impressions on social media.  The custom inflatable character-shaped dome helped create a memorable connection between the viewers and their new favorite show, whether they attended the event or not.

Fan’s loved seeing a bigger than life Mooncake dome on their feeds and those who attended the event poured their love and excitement for the show on social.”

Glow, Social Media Agency

Add Custom Inflatable Activations to Your Experiential Marketing Campaign Today!

A successful marketing campaign appeals to your consumers, forms a memorable connection between your consumers and your brand, and is shared on social media, increasing your brand’s reach.  By incorporating custom inflatable activations into your experiential marketing campaign your brand is sure to meet, if not exceed all those goals.

As you can see from our examples, there are tons of creative ways to use custom inflatable activations in your experiential marketing campaign.  From fully immersive activations to an inflatable prop for a photo opportunity, the possibilities are endless when you work with IDG’s talented team.

So, what are you waiting for?  Incorporate custom inflatable activations into your experiential marketing campaign today!  Contact our team at to get started!