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It's Never too Early to Get Spooky with Custom Halloween Inflatables 3

FALL in Love with These Autumn Inflatables!

Autumn is in full swing. Embrace the excitement for the fall season with Inflatable Design Group’s products! IDG has an inflatable for every fall activity! From football to camping to pumpkin patches, an inflatable from our talented Inflatable Design Group team can promote it! So, whether your intentions are to promote products, an event, or create an autumn atmosphere, IDG’s here to help. Our talented artists create custom inflatables for any occasion. Also, custom really does mean custom! Dimensions, design, colors, and more are all customizable. Also, with Inflatable Design Group, the customer is included throughout the entire process! So, get started with autumn inflatables by contacting an Inflatable Design Group representative by phone at (619) 596-6100 or email at

Camping with Inflatable Design Group

With the leaves changing colors to beautiful yellows and oranges and the temperature cooling down, people everywhere flock out of the cities to campsites. So, now is the time to take advantage of the promotional opportunity! Inflatable Design Group created a giant inflatable Coleman lantern to promote the popular brand’s camping accessories. The lantern stood tall, impossible to miss by people walking by. In addition, the lantern was made to look exactly like the original product. IDG’s custom inflatable product replicas are popular among customers looking to promote certain items! Check out our product replicas page for more! Often, custom inflatable product replicas bring the company’s product to the forefront of the customer’s mind. As you can see below, the Coleman lantern is a great example of the autumn inflatables IDG has in store for you!

Custom Inflatable Coleman Lantern Replica

In this case, people walking by would be reminded that they need a lantern when they go camping! Then, they would more likely choose the more familiar Coleman lantern that is on their minds over another brand. This promotion strategy is effective for catching the customer’s eye and pushing a certain product to the public! Past customers have utilized IDG as a resource to promote seasonal products or new items that need more attention. The intricate details of your product will come to life with Inflatable Design Group! Also, be sure to check out our product replicas page and advertising shapes and logos for more! Contact us today for a free estimate!

IDG’s Autumn Inflatables Promote Hiking Gear

As mentioned in the paragraphs above, Inflatable Design Group creates accurate inflatable product replicas! For example, check out our L.L. Bean hiking boot inflatable product replica. This and many other products are featured on our Inflatable Product Replicas page. L.L. Bean prides itself on sturdy, reliable outdoor equipment. Also, Inflatable Design Group has built up a reputation of durable inflatable products that can withstand any weather. So, the custom inflatable boot IDG created for L.L. Bean stands tall, whatever weather, representing the company! As Leon Leonwood Bean, founder of L.L. Bean said, “being outside brings out the best in us”. Likewise, IDG inflatables can bring out the best of your company, and can be placed inside, outside, anywhere! Contact us today to get started with an inflatable product replica!

Natalie Clark’s Dark Sky Pavilion

Inflatable Design Group creates custom inflatables for many different purposes! One such purpose is to enhance the stargazing experience of Wyoming residents. Artist and sculptor Natalie Clark commissioned the talented artists at IDG to create the “Dark Sky Pavilion”. This Pavilion is 28 feet tall with a 20-foot circumference. As you can see in the pictures below, it has two entrances and one sky window, described by Natalie as “reminiscent of the Artist James Turrell’s sculptural chambers which incorporate magical viewing sky gazing portals”. So, the Dark Sky Pavilion made a spectacular meeting place for the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. Also, the path of the shadow of this solar eclipse passed through Wyoming, making this custom inflatable pavilion a popular viewpoint! Inflatable Design Group helped make this rare event even more special for those interested through this custom inflatable pavilion. So, check out the cool pictures below!

Custom Inflatable Stargazing Pavilion (“Dark Sky Pavilion”)

Dark Sky Pavilion (Continued)

In addition, the custom inflatable stargazing pavilion’s design was intended to “incorporate a cosmic geometry on its shell”. According to Natalie, the inflatable provided more use than just a viewpoint of the solar eclipse. “The pavilion would serve as a promotional tool, provide a noticeable meeting point, offer protection from harsh winter winds, allow outdoor planetraium projections and serve as a warming hut”. So, these services will be available for many starry nights to come, as IDG inflatables are reliable and durable. The inflatable pavilion enhances the Wyoming free public stargazing program by providing these services. Natalie also mentioned that the cold temperatures at night are a main factor sending stargazers home early. Therefore, IDG’s inflatable pavilion solves that problem, keeping people warm, happy, and starry-eyed! So, consider this Autumn example when thinking of ideas for your next fall event! Contact Inflatable Design Group today for a free estimate!

Custom Inflatable Stargazing Pavilion (“Dark Sky Pavilion”)

Autumn Football Inflatables

Some love autumn for the changing leaves, the crisp air, or the pumpkin pie. However, I love fall for FOOTBALL SEASON! Inflatable Design Group has more football inflatables than you can count – check them out here! Whether it’s your son’s high school championship or your favorite NFL team, IDG is the go-to for custom football inflatables. Some examples of Inflatable Design Group’s awesome products include custom inflatable arches and entryways, chairs and couches, mascots, and interactives! When your team takes the field by running through a 20-foot-tall mascot tunnel; that’s what I call a touchdown. Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of entering the home field, ready to compete. Such a feeling is under the helmets of each Graham High School football player pictured below. Moreover, check out Inflatable Design Group’s custom inflatable longhorn mascot tunnel looming behind them! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, kick off the season with IDG!

However, Inflatable Design Group creates much more than just mascot tunnels for football games. Actually, IDG has an impressive repertoire of sports-related inflatables! Check out our sports website, to see more! So, consider Inflatable Design Group this fall season for awesome autumn inflatables! From camping, hiking, and stargazing to football, the Inflatable Design Group team creates autumn inflatables of all kinds! Contact us for a free estimate today!