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The Man behind Freddy’s Restaurant and a Very Large Custom Inflatable

The Man, The Myth, The Legend of Freddy’s Restaurant


Fred Simon is turning 90 years old today! Happy Birthday to the man behind Freddy’s Restaurant! A big birthday salute from all of us at Inflatable Design Group. This birthday is a very special one indeed because of our close connection to Fred and Freddy’s Restaurant! 

Take a look at the awesome inflatable we made for Freddy’s! We have been excited to work with Freddy’s Restaurants in manufacturing a GIANT INFLATABLE / Product Replica of one of their best menu items, a frozen custard TURTLE SUNDAE. Make your mouth water by just looking at this custom inflatable product replica. Our team loved working with Freddy’s to create this delicious masterpiece. 

Freddy's Restaurant

The turtle sundae is tasty treat! Make sure to grab one for yourself by visiting a Freddy’ Restaurant near you! We definitely will be indulging in a turtle sundae treat too! 

Check out their web site at and celebrate the day! See all the scrumptious menu items that Freddy’s has to offer. You won’t regret dining here!  

And yes, I am extremely proud that Fred Simon is my great uncle! It was an honor being able to work and celebrate great accomplishments with my family. 

Jill Stolz, Inflatable Design Group