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Fundraising Inflatables for Booster Clubs from Inflatable Design Group 3

Fundraising Inflatables for Booster Clubs from Inflatable Design Group

Booster Clubs to Boost the Fields 

It is that time of year with all the holiday hustle and bustle. However, some high school booster clubs are looking forward to the 2017 football season with fundraising inflatables.

Inflatable Design Group has made some great looking custom inflatable entranceways and tunnels for the high school market and we are here to help kick start your new year with more exciting designs, competitive pricing and putting the booster club funds to good use.


How to Boost the Best 

So, here are some questions you might be thinking:

How do I get started?

What will fit in my budget?

How can I make this unique one of kind piece to show off my school and football program?

We will get you started and make your fundraising for an inflatable helmet, tunnel or custom entranceway an easy process.

Let’s get started with the biggest question you might be asking yourself…the budget!


Inflatable Design Group has a wide range of products to fit into almost any budget from smaller tunnel to large custom inflatable entryway and everything in between.  A big help for the booster clubs is finding sponsors in the community.  Inflatable Design Group manufactures almost every inflatable with the capability to add sponsor banners to your fundraising inflatables thus highlighting the local or corporate sponsor.

Everyone likes to see their name proudly displayed on the inflatable. Therefore, you can sell varied sponsor placements on the inflatable and make your money back in no time!


Don’t wait to inflate with fundraising inflatables! 

Next, let’s address the question of how and when to get started. The answer is now…this is the fun part!

Here at Inflatable Design Group we like to be visual and show you what we can do. So, gather your school or team mascot, colors and logos and send them off to us. We will help design the inflatable tunnel, custom entranceway or mascot tunnel that will work best for you!

runthrough1Watch as your ideas come to life!  As this process comes to light you will see that your school inflatable is unique and one of a kind. Proudly display your school’s inflatable as the team runs out onto the field! 

Check out some of the amazing designs we have done for schools all across the U.S.

Start your inflatable journey with Inflatable Design Group. Beat your opponents before they even step out onto the field! 

Look forward to HIGH SCHOOL football for the 2017 year with custom inflatables!