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The Winning Game Day Inflatables from Inflatable Design Group 1

The Winning Game Day Inflatables from Inflatable Design Group

Score with Game Day Inflatable

One of our most popular custom inflatable requests we get are for our various game day inflatables for all sports. So, we have a variety of ideas and designs that we work with each school to create. The ones our clients love the most are our GIANT helmets, entryways, and huge inflatable mascots. Our inflatables add to the experience of any game you attend whether it would be baseball, soccer, football, or basketball we do it all. Get the crowd involved and have fun! 

Portland State Tunnel

They are perfect for action shots with the teams, family photos with the mascots, and spectacular photos with crowd interaction. Our team can design awesome interactive games, slides, and obstacle races that really get the crowds excited for the game day events. So, pump up any crowd with awesome inflatables.

SDSU Helmet

We are a kind of “GO BIG OR GO HOME” type of company. Our giant inflatables range from 8’ to 80’. So, come to us with your ideas and we can help make your inflatable design dreams come true.

Red River Shoot out Entry way

2012-09-04 W Soccer NKU v Xavier wide 045