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Custom Inflatable Advertising

Giant Custom Inflatables For Every Occasion

There are no limits when it comes to giant custom inflatables.  We have created custom inflatables for numerous businesses throughout the country to help promote their products, services, events, and anything else they want to ensure gets noticed.  Our next series of articles will be dedicated to exploring the many different types of giant custom inflatables that can be created for just about any event or occasion.

Inflatable Characters and Inflatable Mascots

No one can resist taking a second look or posing for a picture alongside of their favorite inflatable characters and/or inflatable mascots.  They can be placed on top of buildings, used on parade floats, or set up on event/festival grounds.  We have created inflatable characters and inflatable mascots for local businesses, national brands, and even production companies wishing to promote their movie or television characters.

Inflatable Animals

Inflatable animals are among the most fun and exciting custom inflatables we produce.  We can design anything and everything, from traditional animals such as dogs, cats, tigers, and swans, to more abstract creations such as giant insects, crustations, and amphibians.

Our next article will explore more types of custom inflatable products.

Inflatable Design Group (IDG) is a leading manufacturer of giant custom inflatables.  We partner with our customers to design effective custom inflatable advertising solutions that make a lasting impression. While some forms of traditional advertising can become mundane and stale, custom inflatable marketing breaks through the saturation to help your business not just stand out, but stand alone. If you are ready to take your advertising to the next level, we can help. Give IDG a call today!