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How Giant Inflatables Add Value to Your Sponsorship Proposals 1

How Giant Inflatables Add Value to Your Sponsorship Proposals

We are beginning a new series of articles on how giant inflatables can add value to your sponsorship proposals. If you are an event planner or work for a non-profit organization, you understand that corporate sponsors are the backbone of your business.  Your friends at Inflatable Design Group (IDG) stand ready to help you incorporate branded custom inflatables into your high-level sponsorship proposals.  Let’s start by taking a look at some value-added benefits.

Grabs Attention

Giant inflatables are an excellent way to ensure key sponsors stand out.  They also do an excellent job of drawing event participants over to the booth or promotional table of your key sponsor.  These are examples of value-added benefits you can bring to the negotiating table!  A one-time investment in a custom inflatable can go a long way in helping secure that title sponsor.  Examples of some of the branded custom inflatables we’ve created include inflatable products (i.e. inflatable bottles, inflatable cans, etc.,) inflatable mascots, inflatable archways, misting stations and more.  We will cover these in-depth in our next article.

Entices Lower Level Sponsors to Invest More

Giant inflatables sometimes entice lower level sponsors to move up the food chain.  Their brand will stand out more prominently when it is incorporated into a custom inflatable product at your festival, race or special event.  This, in turn, gives your higher level sponsorships more value.

Our next article will cover different types of custom inflatable products you can use to promote your key sponsors.