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custom giant inflatables = giant messages

Giant Inflatables = Giant Messages

Looking for a unique way to increase your business and brand awareness?  Want to stand out and tower over your competition?  Custom giant inflatables are the perfect way to attract attention and send giant messages to your consumers.

Giant Inflatables Help Build Brand Awareness

Custom giant inflatables are a great way to make your brand stand out and increase your business.  Work with Inflatable Design Group’s innovative team to customize a giant inflatable for your business.  Whether you want a giant inflatable mascot, arch, or logo, IDG can make it! 

custom giant inflatables used for business advertising
Custom Inflatable Arch, Logo, and Mascot for Advertising

Giant inflatables tell your consumers you are open and ready for business!  They can be displayed outside of your business, at the next event your company attends, or anywhere else you could imagine!  Giant inflatables are also a great way to build brand awareness.  When people see a giant inflatable version of your logo, they are sure to remember your brand!  

custom inflatable logo travis scott's catci seltzer
Giant Inflatable Logo for Travis Scott’s Cacti Seltzer

Promote Products with Giant Inflatables

Launching an exciting new product?  Make sure it’s in the spotlight with a giant inflatable product replica!

giant inflatables product replica food and drink
Custom Inflatable Product Replicas for Community Beer Company and King’s Hawaiian

Giant inflatable product replicas help draw attention not only to your products but to your brand and business as well.  IDG can manufacture giant inflatable product replicas of anything from cars to food products to movie characters!  Our team pays extreme attention to detail and will replicate your product perfectly. 

Whether you want an inflatable that is 25 feet tall or 50 feet long, IDG can do it all.  Recently, our team created a giant custom inflatable for Adult Swim.  This giant inflatable was used to promote their new show Tuca & Bertie and could be seen floating on a barge on the coast of Los Angeles and New York.

custom inflatable character replicas for adult swim tv show tuca and bertie
Giant Custom Inflatable Tuca & Bertie Character Replicas

Adult Swim’s giant inflatable character replicas are just one example of how IDG’s custom inflatables have helped build brand awareness and increase visibility. 

Customize Your Own Giant Inflatable

Advertise with enthusiasm and display your giant inflatables at the next event your company attends, outside your business, or anywhere you can think of!  All giant inflatables designed by IDG are made with the highest quality materials in the industry.  They are extremely durable so they can be displayed outside and will withstand repeated use.

Anything is possible when you work with IDG.  Our team can turn anything into a show-stopping giant inflatable!  We’ve even made giant inflatable stage sets for concerts and music festivals.

custom inflatable dragon for forbidden kingdom music festival
Custom Inflatable Dragon Stage Set for Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival

Giant inflatables are easy to set up, take down, and transport.  When you are done using your custom inflatable simply deflate and pack it into the provided storage bag.  For more tips on how to set up your custom inflatable or take care of it visit our FAQ page.

Get Started on Your Giant Inflatable Today!

Stand out from your competition by designing a giant inflatable that towers over your consumers. From inflatable mascots to logos to product replicas, Inflatable Design Group can make them all.    

Giant inflatables are a great addition to any marketing strategy, no matter the budget.  Contact our team today at to get started on your custom giant inflatable.