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Giant Inflatables and Outdoor Venues 2

Giant Inflatables and Outdoor Venues

Part One

COVID-19 has caused organizations, companies, and municipalities to re-think their event strategies. Thus, many indoor activities and events are now moving to outdoor venues. Now, the gem show or craft exhibit that was once held in a conference hall is now taking place outside. 

Outdoor venues are perfect for giant inflatables because they provide excellent opportunities to help companies boost business.  Inflatable Design Group (IDG) has provided branded custom inflatables for all types of businesses, groups and organizations seeking to attract new customers.  Let’s take a look at some ways giant inflatables can benefit your business at outdoor events.

Branding Opportunity

Branded custom inflatables are an excellent way to reinforce brand recognition.  Our expert design team can create a custom inflatable that attracts attention and sports the logo and colors of your company, organization or group. All of our giant inflatables are high quality, easy to set up and can be used over and over again, making them an affordable and attractive branding tool for discerning marketing professionals.

Attract People to Your Area

Giant inflatables naturally attract people to your area.  Be ready to hand out promotional items, business cards and information as people come over for a closer look.

Great Photo Op

Branded custom inflatables provide excellent photo opportunities.  Best of all, those taking photos in front of your custom inflatable will be reminded of your company well after the conclusion of the event.

Our next article will discuss different types of giant inflatables to consider for your next outdoor event.  If you are looking for a unique, effective and affordable marketing tool, branded custom inflatables may be just what you need to boost your business.  Give your friends at IDG a call to learn more today!