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holiday inflatables

Thankful for these Holiday Inflatables from Inflatable Design Group


‘Tis the season for holiday inflatables! 

Start thinking about all the holiday inflatables popping up because the holiday season is upon us! The Thanksgiving holiday is a couple days away and everyone is busy with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Singing the holiday jingles may be the #1 thing on your mind, but we have some others on ours. Trying to think of some great holiday inflatables we have done in the past, but with the big looming holiday feast I have this large inflatable treadmill and Turkey Trot Inflatable archway on my mind.  Keeping in shape this holiday season can be done with lots of area 5K races, marathons, Turkey Trots and so much more. Our holiday inflatables will make fitness this season fun and interactive! Enjoy the season in a whole new way with the inspiration of inflatables.


All I want for Christmas is…

The inflatable treadmill is a larger than life inflatable that will bring people into the stores this holiday season. Everyone will be looking for a way to get fit for the new year after all those holiday dinners! Make good on your new years resolution with the motivation from this giant custom inflatable. Don’t feel guilty indulging in holiday favorite foods when there are hundreds of inflatable motivators all around the country. Run through that inflatable archway finish line or be inspired by a giant inflatable treadmill. So, stay on the lookout this season for your favorite holiday inflatable! Spread the love this holiday season. Encourage friends and family to be active with you. Inflatable Design Group is proud to promote a healthy and happy holiday season!