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custom inflatables create lasting impressions

How to Build a Lasting Impression with Custom Inflatables

Looking for creative ways to build impressions that will last?  Custom inflatables designed by Inflatable Design Group are the perfect solution!

Inflatable Design Group has over 30 years of experience in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry.  Our talented team can turn virtually any design into a high-quality, highly detailed custom inflatable creation!  Use your custom inflatables at your next event to create a lasting brand impression!

1. Give a Reason to Remember You

Building a lasting impression is about making sure your consumers remember your brand or event.  A great way to make sure you are remembered is by surprising consumers with something completely unexpected.  IDG worked with Bacon Eggs & Kegs, a traveling food and drink festival, to create a giant custom inflatable skillet.  This 16-foot inflatable skillet was unexpected and allowed event-goers to “live out (their) dream of becoming one with bacon”. Not only was this giant inflatable activation unexpected, but it also provided eventgoers with the perfect photo opportunity.

custom inflatable skillet for bacon eggs and kegs brunch festival
Bacon Eggs & Kegs Giant Inflatable Skillet

After posing for their pictures, Event-goers were sent a digital copy of their photo.  Eventgoers could look back at this picture and remember the good times they had at the festival and post the picture to social media, spreading the event’s impressions to people who did not even attend!  The inflatable skillet has made an appearance at the festival every year since and continues to be a hit.

Giant unexpected custom inflatables are a great way to surprise your consumers and ensure that they remember your brand or event.  As mentioned before, IDG can turn virtually any vision into an amazing custom inflatable creation!  All our custom inflatables can be used again and again and can last for up to 10 years with proper care and cleaning.

2. Show Your Consumers That They are Appreciated

Consumers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand or company if they feel appreciated.  A great way to show your consumers that you appreciate them is by showing them that you value their opinion and that they have a say in your brand.

In 2020, IDG worked with Oreo Cookies to create a giant custom inflatable slide for their “What’s Your Stuf?” campaign.  This inflatable slide was over two stories high and consisted of 5 lanes.  Each lane was labeled with a different level of ‘stuf’ (thin, double stuf, mega stuf, etc.).    

giant custom inflatable slide for oreo marketing campaign
Giant Custom Inflatable Slide for Oreo Marketing Campaign

Participants were able to help Oreo Cookies settle the brand’s most famous debate of what is the perfect cookie-to-cream ratio by picking a lane to slide down and vote for their favorite stuf ratio.  A digital counter was set up at the bottom of the slide to keep track of votes throughout the day. 

This custom inflatable activation was a fun random pop-up event that showed consumers that the Oreo Cookies company values their opinion.  It also showed consumers how important they are to the brand and in solving the brand’s never-ending debate about the perfect cookie-to-cream ratio.     

This giant custom inflatable slide popped up in multiple cities within the United States and created a fun experience that made consumers feel like they were a part of the brand and the brand’s decisions.  The custom inflatable provided people with a fun experience that are sure to remember whenever they see Oreo cookies.

3. Making Your Brand Impression Interactive with Custom Inflatables!

Brand impressions are all about connecting with your target market.  What better way to connect with your target market than with an interactive inflatable activation?

IDG’s inflatable money machines are the perfect way to create a lasting impression with your consumers.  Just like the rest of the inflatables IDG manufactures, our inflatable money machines are 100% customizable!  They can be made in virtually any shape you want, any dimensions, and can be branded with your logo to show off your brand. 

Recently, IDG made an inflatable money machine for Bass Pro Shops.  This money machine was a completely random shape and was used for many promotional events including grand openings.  Bass Pro Shops are filled with inflatable money machines with store coupons and other brand-related vouchers.  Bass Pro Shops consumers then lined up to enter the inflatable money machine and try their hand at grabbing as many vouchers as they could!

bass pro shops custom inflatable money machine
Bass Pro Shops Custom Inflatable Money Machine

This custom interactive inflatable created a lasting impression with Bass Pro Shops’ consumers as it provided them with a fun experience and vouchers they could take home and then spend when returning to the company. 

Inflatable Design Group has created custom inflatable money machines in all different sizes and styles for various companies.  We have also created many other interactive custom inflatables that have been used to create lasting impressions with consumers. 

Order Your Custom Inflatables Today!

As you can see, custom inflatables are the perfect way to create a lasting impression with your consumers.  No matter what your next event or marketing campaign is, a custom inflatable is a perfect addition.

Check out our website for more examples of inflatable activations we have created for different events.  Or ask our team at for more ideas on how to utilize custom inflatables to leave an impression that will last.